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Get Handcrafted Quality with Sterlingham

Sterlingham_Towel_WarmerThe trend for appliances throughout the home in recent years has been moving toward bespoke and handcrafted pieces that put an emphasis on quality, as well as on style. And for a long time, this trend has been largely confined to the kitchen, where it is easier to find those high-quality, handcrafted pieces for the home. Now, however, you can add that same excellence and design to your bathroom as well by investing in a towel warmer made by Sterlingham.

British Excellence

Sterlingham is a British made product that strives for excellence and perfection in every piece. The 28 year old company was found by Kelvin Pearce, who personally designed each of the towel warmers, bathroom accessories, and washstands the company makes.

Every piece produced by Sterlingham passes through the facilities machine shop, polishing shop, fabrication bay, and assembly bay with the majority of their parts and pieces being made in-house and by hand. Every product is first handcrafted, then hand assembled, before undergoing a final inspection. Their motto is to produce products that are 100% perfect 100% of the time, so every Sterlingham towel warmer you purchase is going to have the kind of quality you crave for your home.

Options and Designs

Sterlingham towel warmers are made not just to the most exacting standards of quality, but to surpass everyday design aesthetics as well. They offer several standard finishes including:

  • Polished Brass (uncoated, living finish)
  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Nickel
  • Matt Nickel
  • Gold
  • Light, Medium, and Dark Solid Bronze (living finish)
  • Light, Medium, and Dark Antique Bronze (living finish)

In addition, you also have options for powering your towel warmer. Sterlingham offers low-energy electric warmers, hydronic or water-filled warmers, and dual-fuel which offers the use of both their low-energy electric and hydronic fuels in one warmer so you can switch between them.

Many of their warmers also offer the option of ball joints, straight joints, or bespoke joints between the rails, as well as differing rail sizes, and the number of rails available. The result is the perfect towel warmer to match any bathroom décor, size, or color. They also offer a floor-mounted option for those looking for a different look entirely in the bathroom.

Each of the towel warmers also offers a control switch, which will allow you to adjust the temperature during warmer weather when less heat output from the rails is needed.

With each piece made to order, now you can have handcrafted quality and design in your bathroom, as well as in the rest of your home.

Consider Sterlingham for Your Bathroom

OnlyTowelWarmers is proud to be offering Sterlingham products to our customers. Consider investing in a Sterlingham towel warmer for your bathroom and learn what true luxury is at last. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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Save Energy, Save Money with Towel Warmers

Towel warmers are a luxury that many people would like to have installed in their bathrooms. A lot of people worry, however, about the expense and whether or not they’ll actually end up using them enough to justify it. For those that want the luxury of a warm, dry towel at the end of every shower or bath, however, there’s good news; towel warmers not only provide you with the luxury of warm towels, they can also help you save money and energy in your home.

Towels and Laundry

While you would think that simply drying your clean body with a towel wouldn’t do much to get that towel dirty, it’s a fact that damp towels are susceptible to things like mold and mildew when they’ve been sitting in an equally damp bathroom for too long. This is even truer of hand towels, which often get used multiple times a day.

It’s recommended, therefore, that you wash your bath towels after every three uses, or twice a week, and that you wash your hand towels even more frequently – about three times a week. In an average household of four family members, that adds up to a lot of laundry. And even if you have an energy saving washing machine, you could still be going through up to 40 gallons of water per load. Multiply that by the number of loads those towels will need, and you’re using approximately 320 gallons of water a week.

Saving Water with Towel Warmers

The biggest reason you need to wash your towels so frequently is the fact that damp towels can quickly become a breeding ground for microscopic mold and mildew spores. Towel warmers not only heat your towels up, they also dry them out quickly after each use, so your towels spend a lot less time damp. In turn, this will mean that your towels will stay fresher between loads of laundry, so you don’t have to wash them as often.

Many towel warmers are easily large enough to accommodate all of your family’s bath and hand towels as well, so you never have to worry about damp towels again.

Towel Warmer Energy Usage

Many models of towel warmers are also programmable, meaning that they’ll turn themselves on and off when you need them. Add in the fact that many electric towel warmers only use as much energy as a standard lightbulb, and you’ll still be saving money and energy every week that you use them. 

Add Luxury and Save Money

Don’t forget that while towel warmers can help you save energy and money in your home, they can also provide you with plenty of warm, dry, fluffy towels every time you reach for one. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that more people are beginning to install towel warmers in their homes than ever before. If you’ve been trying to find ways to cut your energy usage, consider adding a towel warmer to your bathroom and start saving hundreds of gallons of water each week. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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Creating a Modern Rustic Bathroom

Bathrooms come in every shape, size, and style available. There is sometimes some confusion, however, amongst homeowners that like the look of older style bathrooms, but fear that they’ll have to pass up on some of the more modern amenities to capture the style. This isn’t always the case, however. There are times when one can create something like a rustic-style bathroom that is also modern in its function, blending the best of both worlds.

Style of a Modern Rustic Bathroom

The key to incorporating modern and older styles into the same space is to let the style that you want come to the forefront of the design, while the amenities that you choose fade slightly into the background. In this case, the style of the bathroom should take precedence. 

Rustic-style bathrooms are all about texture and material. Lots of natural products including:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Wrought iron, bronze, and copper

Should be used throughout the space to help capture the primitive look and feel of the space. Weathered and tumbled stone tiles can be used on both the walls and floor to bring durability and interest to the room. A distressed wood vanity or floating countertop adds additional dimension to the space, while a vessel sink made of copper, bronze, or roughly hewn stone can become a focal point of the room.

These should be the elements that are seen first and foremost in the room; anything else should complement them, but not compete for attention.

Blending Style with Function

A modern rustic bathroom will only look rustic when it’s complete; in fact the room should have all of the modern conveniences and amenities that people have begun to expect in the bathroom. The key is to have them harmonize with the rest of the space whenever possible. Examples of this include:

  • Using a rain-style shower head mounted from the ceiling to mimic an outdoor shower experience
  • Using bronze, copper, or iron faucets, valves, and accessories throughout the room to complement the materials in the space, without competing with them
  • Choosing faucet and accessory styles that are simplistic in design – the key here is not to introduce a competing style. So while you can use a modern towel warmer in the room, the key is to select one that can mimic the look of pipes, such as a European Traditional style, also in a finish like brass or bronze to blend in with the other finishes and materials in the room. Pipes and pipe-style faucets and accessories were once common in rustic bathrooms, so you can easily blend modern conveniences like a towel warmer into your rustic bathroom by paying attention to the style
  • Use niches whenever possible, building into the wall, rather than mounting baskets or shelves onto it. This adds more dimension to the room, and makes it appear as though you carved into the space, rather than added onto it. The end result is a room that has the necessary shelving and storage, but with the look of an outdoor ledge

In the case of items such as toilets, which are harder to disguise, simply choose a simple model and replace the toilet seat with a wooden version. This helps it blend in, without trying to pretend it’s something it isn’t.

Embrace Modern Rustic Design

Rustic design is a delight for the senses, but true rustic design can be hard to live with. By combining modern elements such as towel warmers into a more rustic setting, you can get the best of both worlds to help you better enjoy the space. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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Adding Bathroom Storage

Adding Bathroom Storage

There’s one thing that nearly every bathroom never seems to have enough of – storage. As the bathroom evolves into a place where people do more than ever before, from getting ready for work to relaxing at the end of a long day, the amount of things kept in there continues to grow as well. This also means that the amount of storage needed in the bathroom needs to increase. So while a small linen closet or a vanity cabinet used to be all that was needed in most bathrooms, today you may want to consider some extra storage to help hold everything you need.

Types of Storage

There are a lot of ways that you can add storage to a bathroom. Some types of storage are designed to hide things away, while others can hold things right out in the open as part of the bathroom design. Whatever type you choose, be sure that you give thought to how you use the items each day to make sure that they remain accessible to you.


Cabinets are one of the most frequently used types of storage in the bathroom. But cabinets go far beyond the vanity or sink base cabinet you may be currently using. Depending on the amount of space that you have in the room, you can also include:

  • Linen towers
  • Over-the-john cabinets
  • Free-standing drawer banks
  • Apothecary cabinets
  • Medicine chests
  • Wheeled carts
  • Countertop cabinets

Most cabinetry designed for use in the bathroom today not only is meant to hold things, but hold them in a way that helps keep the room organized and efficient. This may mean linen towers or vanity cabinets that have built-in laundry hampers or tilt out ironing boards. Or it may mean a medicine cabinet that includes a magnifying mirror, outlet, and refrigerated storage box on the interior. 

Because cabinets can be wall or floor mounted, even small bathroom can usually include one or two extra storage options designed to help organize – and hide – the things you use each day.


Shelving is another great option for bathrooms, particularly for frequently used items that need to be kept out in the open, as well as for more decorative items like candles that you don’t necessarily want to lock up each day.

Like cabinets, you have a lot of options for shelving, including:

  • Hotel shelves for holding stacks of towels
  • Towel warmers with built-in shelves to help keep towels warm and increase drying time
  • Open cabinets or partially open cabinets that have visible shelving for additional storage
  • Glass shelves to mount just above the sink to hold toiletries as you use them and increase sink space
  • Decorative and floating shelves to hold bath salts, candles, and plants

Shelving works particularly well in small spaces, because you can install them on nearly any wall, and you also have the option of stacking shelves one on top of another. You can also combine a shelf with something else, like robe hooks or towel rails to increase their efficiency.

Bathroom Accessories

Don’t discount your bathroom accessories as a way to gain some additional storage in the bathroom. Every towel rail, robe hook, or tissue stand that you add to the bathroom becomes another place you can organize and store something. The key is to invest in bathroom accessories that will really enhance the room’s use.

For example, if you have a large family that uses a lot of towels each day, investing in a large towel warmer that includes robe hooks gives you the opportunity to store – and dry – multiple towels all at once, and every towel can be within easy reach of the shower. Making use of your bathroom accessories for storage purposes can also help you declutter and streamline the bathroom’s use at the same time.

Optimize Your Bathroom Storage

The best part about bathroom storage is that it can be added to any existing bathroom, no matter what its configuration, size, or style. There are a lot of ways that you can customize the storage in your bathroom to fit your needs, so consider adding some additional storage to your bathroom to help make the most of the space. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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Design a Smart Bathroom

While millennials and younger generations don’t make up the biggest percentage of homeowners today, they are one of the largest groups to take on major home remodels, including bathroom renovations. At the same time, those millennials who are looking to purchase houses, are often looking for newer, smarter technologies throughout the home in the ones that they purchase. In other words, a more up to date setting, including in the bathrooms, is more likely to sell amongst millennial home buyers. All of this is driving trends in bathroom designs toward interactive technology and smarter designs meant to enhance the user experience.

Greater Control

One of the attributes of today’s smart bathroom design is greater control over the space. This includes ways that the user can help tweak the way they interact with various items in the bathroom to help personalize their experience. A few ways this can be done include:

  • Using radiant heat flooring or panels in the bathroom that are preprogrammed to warm the room at specific times of the day so you never have to experience chilled tile again.
  • Installing sink faucets with integrated lighting that shows blue for cold water and red for hot so you can tell the temperature at a glance, rather than by touch.
  • Including thermostatic shower valves that allow you to set the exact temperature of the water before you turn it on.
  • Using toilet seats that include heat, an integrated bidet, self-closing lid, and the option to stream MP3s.
  • Investing towel warmers  for toasty warm towels at all hours of the day or night, as well as programmable electric towel warmers so you can have your warmed towel waiting for you at specific times of the day.
  • Installing smart medicine cabinets and mirrors that feature defogging technology, concealed outlets, and cooled compartments for storing medicines that need to be kept refrigerated.

Luxury Design

At the same time that new bathroom owners are wanting to update their space to make it more user friendly, many are also interested in adding a few luxury items to the space as well. Some of the same components that add control also qualify as luxury items. However, if it comes down to choice the following are often seen as the most popular:

  • Radiant heat flooring
  • Towel warmers
  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Body sprays
  • Heated toilet seats

Adding one or more of these items to your bathroom can help you get a bigger return on investment at time of resale and help your home sell faster at the same time.

Create a Smarter Bathroom

As people integrate more technology into their lives, newer appliances and fixtures for every room of the home will begin to reflect this. The bathroom is one area where technology and smart design is beginning to become more prominent as younger homeowners begin to increase in percentage. So consider adding some smart technology to your bathroom to make the most of your space and your investment. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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Returns on Bathroom Remodels

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have before they take on a major home remodel is how much of their investment can be reclaimed at time of resale. In other words, if you invest money in your home, will you see an increase in home value that helps to make that remodel worth it? After all, any type of remodel or addition to your home can be an expensive and stressful proposition. And while remodeling your current bathroom may increase your enjoyment of the space, unless you plan on staying in your home for 10+ years, you need to think about the remodel in terms of investment as well as personal use.

Typical Costs of Bathroom Remodels

The actual cost of a bathroom remodel or addition can vary tremendously. The size of the room, the type of products you install, and the state you live in can all have an impact on what the final cost will be.

That said, a recent report put together by Houzz shows that on average, most homeowners end up spending around $105 per square foot. So a 100 square foot bathroom will end up costing you $10,500, while a 40 square foot bathroom would run about $4,200. These figures assume that all major areas of the bathroom will be replaced including the vanity, toilet, tub or shower, and flooring. Smaller remodels may cost significantly less per square foot.

Current Return on Investment

According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report, the return on investment in nearly all areas of home improvement is down from last year. While some states are seeing an increase in return, the national average for bathroom remodel returns has dropped for both midrange and upscale projects.

This means that if you were to remodel your bathroom and sell your home this year, you would recoup approximately 70% of your costs for a midrange bathroom and just shy of 60% for an upscale project. 

Other Determining Factors

There are some things you can do to help ensure that you’re getting the best return on your investment if you do decide to remodel this year. While midrange bathrooms are getting the biggest returns, it’s the millennials who are driving most remodels and trends right now. This means an increase in both bathroom style and functionality can dramatically affect your return. Many items listed by Remodeling Magazine that are expected in many new bathroom remodels include:

  • Installing electric radiant heat flooring or panels
  • Heated towel rails or towel warmers installed near the shower
  • Glass shower enclosure with recessed niches 
  • Solid surface or stone counters with integral or undermount sinks
  • Matching ceramic tile for floors and walls

It’s these small additions to an otherwise standard bathroom that are helping to elevate not only the amount of return on investment, but also the likelihood of a quicker sale. Many newer and discerning homeowners are beginning to expect things like towel warmers to become standard in bathrooms, rather than being a luxury afforded only by the few.

Invest in Your Home

Remember that even at their highest, returns on bathroom remodels will never completely equal their cost. To make the most of your investment, be sure to include items that will help increase your enjoyment of the room while you live there, and that will appeal to buyers on a comfort level at the same time. By doing so you’ll help ensure that you get the biggest return possible in every conceivable way. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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