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A warm and toasty Christmas gift.

     Though it has been very a hot  week in Tennessee, we can sense that autumn is  around the corner, which means it is getting close to the holidays.  Most of us have a difficult time finding the perfect Christmas gift for that person who already seems to have everything.  You might consider a freestanding towel warmer.  There are a lot of reasons why Freestanding towel warmers make such a great gift for the holidays, but the most significant reason is quite simple. Nothing feels better when you step out of your tub or shower than a soft toasty warm towel. So, you instinctively know that, if it feels that good to you, it would just have to feel that much better to someone you care about when they receive it as perhaps their most welcome gift of the holiday season.

     Towel warmers are an absolute must-have accessory for any well-appointed bathroom for a number of very good reasons. They keep robes, delicates, towels and just about any item placed on them nice and dry and warm. They keep damp towels from becoming moldy and musty smelling, which in turn helps to reduce water consumption in the family laundry room. Freestanding towel warmers also aid in keeping the bathroom considerably warmer in the wintertime, while also aiding in keeping the room free of any mold and mildew. In addition to keeping towels and robes warm and dry in the bathroom, towel warmers can also be used for drying bathing suits and pool or beach towels during the summer months. Freestanding towel warmers and wall mounted towel warmers as well are available in a wide range of fashionable styles and various sizes to perfectly suit any bathroom.

      One of the most popular and highest quality products among the towel warmers available on the market today is the Warmrails Traditional, an exceedingly efficient freestanding towel warmer. Other popular Warmrails models include the HW/SW Kensington, the HW/SW Regent, the Heatra Classic, and the Hyde Park models. The Warmrails company is a major leader in towel warmers that are easily affordable yet extremely elegant. They offer a wide range of towel warmers in five distinctive styles that deliver performance and luxury at affordable prices. Warmrails has been making environmentally friendly towel warmers since 1999 and their towel warmers also don’t even use as much energy as a light bulb, running efficiently 24/7.

      Amba is another well-known company that offers quality towel warmers that are manufactured in Italy. Amba proudly offers a vast assortment of towel warmers that deliver various Italian designed options to please all customers. They also make custom towel warmers for those customers who don’t see exactly what they want in their current offerings and want something just a little bit different. The Amba Solo Freestanding towel warmers come in two sizes. The Amba Solo 24 model measures 24 inches wide by 38 inches high and the Amba Solo 33 measures 32.5 inches wide by 38 inches high. Both Amba Solo Freestanding towel warmers are manufactured of high-quality stainless steel. Amba also makes smaller towel warmers like the JACK D004, 005 and 006, which swivel and range from 22 inches wide by 21 to 29 inches high respectively. Their Jill models are a bit larger and the traditional models are very pleasing to the eye and are available as large as 25 1/4 inches wide by 35 ¾ inches high. Builders, architects, designers and homeowners all choose Amba towel warmers for their state-of-the-art function and trendy decorative effect.

      Myson is another major name brand in towel warmers. The company has been manufacturing innovative towel warmers for decades and their extensive line of towel warmers includes the Myson Gem Collection, as well as their Classic, European and Contemporary collections. All of Myson’s towel warmers offer advanced technology for providing environmentally friendly and efficient methods for delivering heat while always remaining stylish as well as functional.  Myson’s full line of towel warmers delivers an broad range of shapes and sizes, designs, shapes and sizes, as well as fine finishes to complement any bathroom and style of home.

     So, whether you choose towel warmers for your own home or as a gift for someone special among your friends and family members this holiday season, you'll find a host of excellent choices from all three well-respected manufacturers of top quality towel warmers. Turn any bathroom into a welcoming luxury spa with a Myson Gem, Amba Solo, or Warmrails Traditional towel warmer, or one of the many other popular models. Don't spend another day getting out of your bath or shower and using a cold and uninviting towel to dry off with. You certainly don't have to when there is such an impressive variety of towel warmers available today at affordable prices. is a family owned business that specializes in selling  electric towel warmers.


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