Amba Towel Warmers

Amba Heat Controller

Does the Amba Digital heat controller fit into a double gang electric box?

If I install an Amba towel warmer upside down, will the settings of the digital heat controller, be upside down?

Will the Amba Digital Heat Controller remember the last setting?

Does the Amba Digital Heat Controller have a on/off switch?

Amba Jeeves

We are thinking of hanging a combo of Amba Jeeves towel warmers, are the bars the same size?

Is the Amba Jeeves available as a plug in?

How do I order the Amba Jeeves with the wiring on the left hand side?

Is there a difference between the Amba Jeeves and the Amba Radiant?

I like the Amba Jeeves look. Do you offer it in custom sizes?

What is the water glycol mixture in the Amba Jeeves?

Amba Solo Freestanding

I would like to leave the Amba Solo outside under a small overhang. Would it hold up?

Runtal Towel Warmers

Runtal Accessories

Will the Runtal pull out shelf work with the 16" Runtal Omnipanel?

Can I use the Honeywell Programmable timer with Runtal towel warmers?

Does the Runtal Programmable timer revert back to the last setting?

Runtal Other

Why do you not carry Runtal Omnipanel Hardwired?

General Towel Warmer Questions


Which towel warmer is best suited for wet areas?

How can I find a 220v towel warmer?

Is there a difference between a liquid filled towel warmer and one that is heated by a wire cable?

Can a towel warmer be installed on any surface?

How should you place a towel on a towel warmer /rail?

Is the bathroom the only room that a towel warmer can be used?

Please explain the difference between an electric unit and a hydronic unit?

What is a hardwired towel warmer?

I need a towel warmer that the wiring comes out of the left hand side.

Do you offer Hydronic towel warmers?

I am looking for a Gold finish towel warmer and I do not see any on your site.

Can I connect my towel warmer to my Home Automation System

Does a towel warmer (radiator) heat the room?

Why are some towel warmers so expensive?

Can I use a towel warmer as a unheated towel bar?

How high should I hang a towel warmer?

What is the average towel warmer width?

Is it true that a towel will only be warmed on the spots that make contact with the towel warmer?

Will my local electrician be knowledgable enough to install a towel warmer?

Can a programmable timer control several towel warmers?

Are there any towel warmers that have a built in timer that shuts off automatically?

Is there a difference between a curved and straight towel warmer?

I own a towel warmer and the heating element went out. Can I purchase a heating element from you and is it easy to install?

How long does it take for a towel warmer to dry a towel?

Does a Polished Steel finish resemble Chrome?

I have a towel warmer that needs to be replaced. I would like to replace it with the same model, can you help?

How do I replace a switch on a towel warmer?

Does towel warmers come fully assembled?

How does BTUs work?

I need a towel warmer that will hold 3 - 4 towels

How close can a towel warmer be to a vanity?

How warm will towels get on a towel warmer?

What is the best towel warmer?


Do you offer a trade discount?

Do you ship to Canada?

Artos Towel Warmers

Artos Denby

Why did I receive extra parts with the Artos Denby Plug in that I ordered?

Does the legs of the Artos Denby towel warmers adjust so that two of the legs can be installed on drywall and the other two on travertine?

Artos Other

Can I leave an Artos towel warmer on 24/7?

What temperature does an Artos towel warmer operate at?

How can I tell if the temperature of an Artos towel warmer is correct?

On a Artos towel warmer why are the lowest rails cooler than the top rails?

Towel Warmer Drawers

Western Premium Towel Warmer Drawers

Can you ship the towel warmer drawer internationally?

Wesaunard Towel Warmers


Are Wesaunard towel warmers available in White

How hot does a Wesaunard towel warmer get?

Mr Steam


Can you provide us with a price on Mr Steam steam shower components?

What type of liquid does Mr. Steam use inside their towel warmers?

Tuzio Towel Warmers


Can I hang a Tuzio Towel Warmer upside down.


Radiant Panels

Can the Radiant Panels be placed in a shower area?



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Perfect Tub!

I was so happy to find exactly what I wanted with ONLYTOWELWARMERS! I asked a question and received an answer immediately from the owner. How often does that happen? Love the idea of family owned business. So glad to be part of their customer list!

Reliable service, good product

Bought Amba towel warmer. it can be bought in many places, I chose this one as it had best pricing, selection and is a family business. Was initially worried about small dealer and their ability to accommodate for returns or issues, but went ahead anyway. The product was shipped on time and arrived within 3 days. Unfortunately it was damaged during shipping. Exchange proved to be very easy, the company was very responsive and accommodating. Emails answered within hours and replacement shipped right away. Would highly recommend buying from this shop.

Great Service

Product just as expected. Works great. Our second Kontour, we like it. Big thanks to onlytowelwarmers for getting the delivery address changed at the last minute for us.


I needed to replace an old towel warmer and found the selection of size and color excellent at Only Towel Warmers. On the website it said it had a 6-8 week lead time. I called and the customer service couldn't have been better. They were able to locate one and I had it the next week. Now that is great service. My Myson towel warmer has been installed and works perfectly. Thank you

OnlyTowelWarmers was superb

OnlyTowelWarmers was superb, great customer service and a great price. I highly recommend them.