Amba Jeeves Towel Warmer

The Amba Jeeves towel warmer collection is a classic design that features round liquid-filled tubing.  The Jeeves is imported from South Africa and is crafted from locally sourced, premium quality 304 stainless steel.  There are many sizes to choose from with the option of straight or slightly curved horizontal cross tubing.  

The Amba Jeeves only take 30 to 45 minutes to reach it's full capacity.    Another benefit of the Jeeves is that it is IPX5 rated which means it is approved to be installed around water sources.  It comes with a generous ten year warranty. 

Amba Collections:  Antus    Elory    Jeeves    Quadro    Radiant    Sirio    Solo    Swivel    Traditional    Vega   Accessories

Amba Jeeves Custom Sizes:  Contact us for pricing.
Amba Jeeves Custom Sizes Brochure 

12" Width:  Jeeves E, C, D
16" Width:  Jeeves H, E, C, D, N
24" Width:  
Jeeves H, E, C, D, N
48" Width:  Jeeves W

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Amba Jeeves Towel Warmer

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The Runtal Radia RTREG-2924 Plug In towel warmer was exactly as advertised, sizes were exact on the mounting holes and it shipped more quickly than advertised. I would recommend and plan on shopping here again.

Highly recommended

We bought an AMBA Jeeves Model D towel warmer from onlytowelwarmers. The towel warmer is beautiful and very functional.
When we purchased the item, we were told that the towel warmer was out of stock and would be available in about a month and half.
the towel warmer was delivered as promised, in addition to the best price out of 3-4 providers we contacted.

We recommend both the specific AMBA towel warmer and, a good business to deal with!