What is the Best Towel Warmer? - Onlytowelwarmers.com

If you google, "What is the best towel warmer," you will find a lot of misinformation written by people who are not familiar with towel warmers.  They are not giving honest reviews but are wanting you to click on the links in their post, so that they will receive a commission on the sale.  I recently reviewed a blog that had a post titled "Top towel warmer brands".  It was evident that the writer is not familiar with towel warmers. 

You won't find a list of the top 5 towel warmers on our site. What you will find is that we are familiar with towel warmers and we want to help you choose the best towel warmer for your situation.

We feel that it's crucial to purchase a towel warmer that is made by an established brand, that has stood the test of time. There are a lot of towel warmer brands out there. Be aware, not all towel warmer brands are equal. It is easy to create a brand and import towel warmers from overseas from an unknown manufacturer that might not be certified. Because of this, we are cautious of the towel warmer brands that we offer. Each towel warmer brand that we carry is vetted and has been around for years.  Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you determine which towel warmer is perfect for your bathroom. 

We only offer the following towel warmer brands (beside each brand is the year founded):

Amba - 2004

Artos - 2005

Kontour - 2004

Mr. Steam - 1917

Runtal - 1950's

Sterlingham - 1986

Tuzio - 2004


Wesaunard - 1993