Interview with Lee Cockburn with Tuzio/Kontour towel warmers.

Recently, we spoke with Lee Cockburn, who is the Operations consultant at ICO ICO offers the Tuzio and Kontour towel warmers.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for

OTW: Share with us the history of ICO (Tuzio / Kontour).

Our family moved from Liverpool, United Kingdom in 2004 to Regina, Canada. One of the first things we noticed was the lack of towel warmers in the continent! Coming from Europe, where almost every bathroom has a towel warmer, this triggered us to start ICO. ICO (Tuzio / Kontour) sells luxury towel warmers at affordable prices. After 15 years, our range had expanded to the largest in North America, with a huge span of styles, finishes, and functions all with amazing quality.

OTW: What is your role with ICO?

I am a Sales/Operations consultant here at ICO. My daily role includes providing information and imagery to clients in order to assist with their purchase, and also ensuring the process from when we receive an order to when the product is installed on your wall is as smooth as possible. Happy clients are ICO’s favorite thing!

OTW: What should a customer consider when purchasing a towel warmer?

 I think the main thing to consider is the style and finish of the towel warmer. A towel warmer must fit into the rest of the bathroom, for example, if your faucet is round and black, your towel warmer should also be round and black. Towel warmers can often be the highlight of the bathroom, but you must picture them on the wall and choose exactly which one fits the best. Another thing to consider would be the quality of the product. Purchasing an item that is going to rust or stop working in a few years is a lot of hassle and a huge waste of money. Our products come with extended warranties, an incredible customer service team to back them, and are constructed out of the highest quality materials possible.

OTW: What is Tuzio / Kontour most popular towel warmer?

The most popular towel warmer in the Tuzio series is the Sorano. This towel warmer is a beautiful addition to any bathroom, and has just the right style that can be matched with almost any faucet/accessory. With smooth, rounded lines, and available in four finishes, the Sorano can meet almost any need.

OTW: If you were giving a towel warmer as a gift, which model would you give and why?

If I were to buy somebody a towel warmer for a gift I would get them the Avento in matte black. I think that the Avento series is absolutely beautiful whatever finish it comes in, but the matte black just looks so clean and sharp. Definitely a very modern and bold towel warmer that can become the highlight in the most luxurious of bathrooms. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.