Bathroom Trends for 2016 –

Bathroom Trends for 2016


It seems as though bathroom trends are constantly changing. The colors, materials, and styles that are popular continue to evolve as people search for the perfect bathroom design, one that melds form and function without making a bathroom seem dated. Trends for the last few years have been moving consistently in this direction, with a focus on sustainability in the design, as well as on a bathroom that offers more than simply a place to get ready for the day. A look ahead at what trends are predicted for the coming year shows more of the same.


Gray and Greige continue to be the two hottest colors in interior design, and that includes the bathroom. All shades of gray, as well as many shades of blue are particularly hot for the bathroom right now. Because bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side and often lack natural light, be sure to keep these grays and blues on the lighter side; the cooler tones in both colors will help to open up the room and make it appear larger than it is.

In direct contrast to the cooler wall and accent colors in the bathroom, is the move toward warmer metal finishes. For a long time brushed nickel and chrome were the most popular metal finishes for the bathroom; newer, warmer finishes like copper and oil rubbed bronze are beginning to make a big push forward instead. The idea is to create a more welcoming space that doesn’t have the cold, sterile look of stainless steel.


Natural materials are also extremely hot in the bathroom right now, as they are in other areas of the home. Look for natural wood vanities with a slightly rustic style, as well as for natural stone vanity tops and tiles, particularly those with naturally cleft surfaces. The idea is to create a bathroom that feels natural and welcoming, the idea being that natural surfaces are less likely to go out of style any time soon when compared with manmade materials and colors.


The bathroom is the place where people go to get ready for the day to begin, and to unwind at the end of it all. So it makes sense that a bigger emphasis on the function of the bathroom is getting a lot of attention right now. For most people, this involves the addition of small touches of “luxury” in the room that enhance the overall experience. This includes things like adding steam or jets to the shower, having a smart toilet that includes bidet and drying options, as well as things like towel warmers to provide a more comforting experience for the rest of the space. These items – and particularly those more obvious ones like the towel warmers – are meant to fit seamlessly into the rest of the design with the same colors, finishes, and style that the rest of the bathroom has. This means that form and function can become part of the same space at the same time. For example, a towel warmer in oil rubbed bronze with ball joints in a transitional-style bathroom would complement the design of the room, while enhancing function at the same time.

Create a Sustainable Design

The biggest thing to note of current bathroom trends is the push toward designs that aren’t necessarily going to define the year you use them in. Gone are the days of 1950s pink bathrooms or 1970s avocado green; today’s bathroom designs are meant to last. Take a look at current and future bathroom trends as you update your bath to make sure that your design remains usable as long as you own the space. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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