How to Choose the Right towel for your Towel Warmer

There are many different aspects to consider when trying to select the best bath towel to use with your towel warmer.

Start by determining the preferred material of construction. For many, it will be cotton, which comes in various types like Egyptian, Turkish, Organic, and Pima. Towels made from extra-long staple cotton are said to be the best quality. However, alternative fabrics that are eco-friendly, like bamboo or hemp, and performance fabrics like microfiber are becoming increasingly popular. Towels constructed from 100 percent cotton are often rated similarly to sheets to signify the quality of the cotton used in the process. They are measured by grams per square meter to identify the quality and weight of the fabric.


Finding the perfect bath towel could be considered the final step in completing a bathroom renovation. But, the ideal towel for one person may not be the favorite of another. There are many options available, like towels made from different materials like extra-long-staple cotton or bamboo.  


Absorbency and weight, go hand-in-hand. For this, you will refer to GSM ratings, which can inform you of the weight and absorbency of a towel. GSM ratings range from 300 to 900, with the lower end of the spectrum being the lightest weight and least absorbent and the highest end being the heaviest and most absorbent. For example, kitchen towels are typically in the 300 range, while the average bath towel lies in the mid-range. The upper levels would include premium linens that are dense and feel luxurious.

One possible drawback to this level of quality is that the thick fabric takes longer to dry than lower GSM-rated towels. A great way to help these items dry faster is by using a heated towel rack. It will gently warm and eliminate moisture from the fabric and the air to allow you to get more uses out of your towel. Another benefit of using a heated towel rack is that the towels won’t have to be laundered as often, which may increase their lifespan.



Amba Towel Size chart


Determine which size towels will work best for you. Size can often be an important element in choosing the right towel. The standard bath towel can vary greatly in size depending upon the brand. Most range from 20-30 inches in width to 40-60 inches in length. Bath sheets are great for people who enjoy larger towels that provide more coverage. Sizing generally ranges from 30-40 inches in width to 66-70 inches in length. 


The texture of the fabrics that people put on their bodies can be a highly personal choice. Some people like soft fluffy towels, while others prefer more lightweight towels. While most of the towels on the market are terry cloth style, there are alternative textures also available. Waffle texture towels, also referred to as honeycomb or lattice, are lighter, allowing them to dry faster and better drape the body.


Always wash their newly purchased towels before using.  them. Towel manufacturers use fabric softeners to make towels feel soft and plush on the retail shelves. It takes about five washes to remove the industrial softeners from these fabrics. Home fabric softeners can create a coating on towels, reducing their absorbency and breaking down the material, so use them sparingly. And using too much detergent will make towels stiff. Washing colored towels in warm water will help keep their colors bright. While washing white towels in hot water prevents them from getting dingy.


Amba Solo Towel Warmer

A proper laundry routine can help keep your towels looking new and fresh for a longer period. Using a  heated towel warmer to dry the towels means less laundering is required. Fewer laundry loads not only helps preserve the towel, but also saves both water and time.


Often, the quality of a towel seems good, but after a few washes, there are significant changes in the appearance of the fabric. One of the first things that people may notice is shedding. This can be an annoying occurrence that generally happens with low-quality towel construction. These towels may leave lint on your skin, and you may even notice extra lint in the dryer lint trap. Additionally, after laundering towels, look out for loss of springiness or changes in the texture. This is a telltale sign of an inferior towel. Finally, color fade after washing can be another warning sign that your towels may not be up to par.

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