Sterlingham - Our electric towel warmers are... –

Sterlingham - Our electric towel warmers are...



Our electric cable technology means no water or oil inside the towel warmer tubing. The flexible heating element is woven through the brass tube and exits via one of the wall or floor fixings (to the clients choosing) meaning the aesthetic of the product is exactly as advertised. Along with the aesthetic benefit of no visible valves or cables there is the added benefit that the product functionality cannot be tampered with once in situ. 


Our heating cables consume extremely low amounts of energy, the common standard height of 550mm by a width of 550mm draws just 57w - perfect for drying towels but not the planet!  Despite this the operating temperatures are identical to their counterparts in the marketplace and you can still use them in warm spells without messing about with heating systems.


The absence of water or oil inside the product, along with the invisible power supply mean that other than the usual care and cleaning no maintenance is required on the Sterlingham electric towel warmers. The brilliance of our heated cable technology along with its 30 years of successes allows us the confidence to offer a 10 year guarantee with our electric towel warmers. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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