The Ultimate Guide to Towel Warmers and How They Can Improve Your Home

Towel warmers are heating devices designed to put warmth back into your towels and get you out of that scratchy morning chill in record time. Some towel warmers produce enough BTUs to help heat the room as well.  They’re generally easy to install, simple to use, and add style points wherever they go. In case you’re unfamiliar with towel warmers or wondering whether it’s time for a change, we’ve got answers. 

Here are a few basic questions answered: How does a towel warmer work? Why would I want one? How much do they cost? Which brands should I trust? What will it take to install one? And more! If you have any additional questions about towel warmers, please feel free to email us.

How do Towel Warmers Work?

The two types of towel racks you can buy are hydronic and electric.

As you might have guessed, Hydronic towel warmers are heated with water. But what might confuse you is that electric towel warmers can be, too. The difference is that a hydronic towel warmer requires a connection to your plumbing, so they require a bit more skill for installation.  In fact, most homeowners hire a professional for this job.

Electric towel warmers, on the other hand, can be plugged into standard electrical outlets or hardwired into the home’s electrical system. Hardwiring towel warmers is definitely a job for an electrician, but plug-in models can be used by anyone anywhere there is a standard outlet. 99% of all towel warmers installed in the US is an electric towel warmer.  

Once the towel warmers have power, the liquid inside the rails is heated, either with electricity or with the hot water from your plumbing. That heat then radiates lightly through your towels to keep them warm and dry.

Why Would I Want a Towel Warmer?

If you live in a drafty old house, then yes, you absolutely want one ASAP! But even if you don’t, there are plenty of good reasons to have a towel warmer. 

If your bathroom doesn’t have central heating, having warm towels is incredibly helpful—not only for drying off but also for heating the air in the room. And let’s face it: most people just like baths and showers better when they can take them surrounded by heat (like dolphins). A good towel warmer will make bathing more enjoyable—not less.

In addition to heating the air and, of course, your towels, many people use them to dry their delicates, sweaters, and swimsuits. You could even install one in your laundry room for a luxury drying rack your unmentionables will love.

How Much Do Towel Warmers Cost? 

Towel warmers range in price from around $250 all the way up to $2,000 and more. One of the main differences is materials.

Entry-level towel warmers are usually crafted out of 201 stainless steel, but mid-level towel warmers are crafted out of 304 stainless steel or brass tubing. It’s just a higher grade of metal that is more durable.

Higher-end towel warmers such as those made by Wesaunard or Sterlingham are made with brass tubing. 

There are also other differences like where the product is manufactured. Lower-priced models might be made in China, while the high-end brands might come from the UK, Italy, or South Africa.

What Brands of Towel Warmers Should I Trust? 

Understanding that homeowners may be overwhelmed with all their purchases, it is good to know reliable companies you can trust. Brands such as Amba has been around for many years and their primary focus is towel warmers. This company aims to make great-looking towel warmers at competitive pricing. And they have a large collection to choose from.

For those looking for higher-end towel warmers, Wesaunard and Sterlingham is a great option. You’ll see this brand in some of the world's best hotels, such as the famous Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Their products are high-quality, and they have some pretty cool designs you won’t see anywhere else.

Of course, these are just a couple of the brands we recommend. Some other great ones include Artos-Westover, Kontour, MG12, Mr. Steam, Myson, Runtal, Sterlingham, Tuzio, and Warmly Yours – All brands you’ll find here!

How Do I Install a Towel Warmer?

If you’re looking for a towel warmer with the easiest installation, you’ll want a plug-in model like many of the ones sold here. These come in free-standing or wall-mounted and simply plug in to a standard outlet. 

If you prefer a sleeker look with no wires showing, you can opt for a hardwired model that can be connected directly to your home’s wiring. This will usually require that you hire a pro, but it should be fast and easy for someone with the right credentials. Installing a towel warmer is based upon the same principle as installing a light fixture. 

Which towel warmer will you choose to spruce up your bathroom?

 Because of all the different styles of towel warmers, you’ll need to choose which one is best for your home and bathroom needs. Choosing a towel warmer can help keep your towels nice and warm—which means you can skip another step in your morning routine. If you’re ready to make your home even more comfortable, we recommend adding a towel warmer! is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers and bidets.

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