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Classy does not discriminate.  It can be appreciated by anyone, no matter what their background, no matter where they live.  It is not simply meant to be enjoyed in Hollywood mansions or New York City penthouses.

Whether you live in a mansion  or on a ranch, you know that feeling when you are exhausted from the day, the muck of life weighing you down, and all you can desire is a long, hot shower to wash away the day.  By the time you get home, your thoughts are singular, focused only on enjoying the warmth and the steam, wanting to stand under the water until the water runs cold.

That shower must end, but the warmth doesn’t need to.  Wrapping yourself in a warm towel, holding the chill at bay—that is luxury.  And it is luxury that anyone can appreciate.  

So bring the Amba Jeeves K Straight towel warmer into your home and that luxury into your life.


  • Width :    29-1/2"
  • Height:    27"
  • Depth :    4-1/2"
  • Crossbars: 10
  • Watts: 150-175
  • BTUs: 512-597
  • Amps: 1.35-1.60
  • Weight: 24 Pounds
  • Average Temp. Range 145 °– 154 °F
  • Safety cut out temp of 158 ° F
  • Standard voltage 110 volts 
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Towel Warmer / Towel Dryer
  • Classic towel bar with straight bars
  • Can be wired on left side for an extra charge, upon request
  • Helps bathrooms stay warm, mold,and mildew free
  • Bars ideally spaced to hold large and small towels
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Finishes include polished, brushed, oil rubbed bronze and white
  • The overall depth of Jeeves Towel Rails is 4 1/2" for the Straight models                            
  • Custom hydronic models are available by special order
  • Includes a built in thermostat and internal thermal cutout for optimal energy consumption and safety
  • Can be controlled by an optional  on / off switch or  24 hr / 7 day programmable timer.
  • Integrated security thermofuse, set at 242 °F, adds additional safety

About Amba:
When Amba Towel Warmers was established in Atlanta, Georgia their mission was to bring to the US market a Collection of  towel warmers that is competitively priced, made of quality 304 stainless steel (it is not plated) and  is aesthetically pleasing to even the most discerning client.   The Italian designed Amba towel warmers are designed with today's home and life style in mind.  For almost two decades, Amba has worked hard to educate the America public on the many benefits of owning a towel warmer. Many of their collections come in different finishes including polished and brushed stainless steel, white and oil rubbed bronze. Amba offers a  wide range of styles within several different collections (Elory, Quadro, Sirio, Traditional, Swivel, Solo, Jeeves).  Their towel warmers are not limited to bathrooms.  But are also appearing in  resorts, yachts, hotels, laundry, and mudrooms.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Could be a bit warmer

Great service, prompt delivery, easy DIY install. Only downside is towel warmer takes the chill off towels but does not really heat them. Previous warmers got our towels toasty warm.

Pam Wolcott
Dry towels

Perfect for large towels. Since I live in northwest towels are wonderful when warm but the best is that your towels dry!!
A must have!!!

Usha Krishnamurthy
Luxury upgrade for a smallish much used bathroom

The bathroom is still being worked, but the Amba towel warmer is in. We cannot wait to try it.
We bought it for a variety of reasons: to hang and dry more towels, provide warmth, and control moisture in the small space.
Onlytowelwarmers had the best deal, and I'm very pleased with the service. They were very helpful answering questions prior to the sale and delivery was prompt.
I'll update this review after the bathroom is ready. Thanks!

Usha, Thank you for purchasing from us. Please let us know if you have any questions during installation.

Love it!

After much research and deliberation, we decided to make the investment into a Jeeves K towel warmer mainly because our master bathroom is sooooo cold in the winter. We decided to go with the Jeeves K because we wanted one that was long enough to fit two bath sheets. This towel warmer easily fits them if they are folded into thirds, or if one folded into thirds and the other one folded in half. This unit warms our towels beautifully. I wouldn't say that they are toasty hot, but they are very pleasingly warm to wrap around me!! You DO have to plan ahead a little with this towel warmer because it takes a while for it to heat up to maximum temp. However, I just purchased the programmable control box to take care of this. It solved the problem easily. I would highly recommend this unit, and I would definitely recommend OnlyTowelWarmers as the place to purchase it. I received my order within a week and everything was perfect with it. Well worth the investment!!

Debbie, Thank you for taking the time to post a detailed review and photo. I appreciate your business. - Michael

Rachel Pile



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  • Are there any embossed letters on the Amba Jeeves?

    No. There is a sticker that is easily removed.

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