FAQ - Amba towel warmers



What is the main reason for owning a  towel warmer?

  • Towel warmers (heated towel rack, towel rail) have multiple uses and applications. They are used to heat towels/bathrobes so the user has a warm towel/bathrobe when drying off after a shower or leaving the pool/beach. After a towel is used, the towel warmer will dry it which reduces laundry load and water consumption as the towels won’t need to be washed as frequently. It will help prevent the towels from giving off that musty smell they can produce when not dried properly.

Are there other uses for a towel warmer?

  • There are a few other uses for towel warmers in the laundry room. They can be used to dry women’s delicates that cannot be dried in a tumble dryer; as well as, wet boots or shoes by hanging them on robe hooks. They will help bathrooms stay warm, dry, mold, mildew and humidity free. They also double as radiators or space heaters to heat bathrooms, mudrooms etc.

Can Towel Warmers only be used in a bathroom?

  • No! Towel warmers can be used in almost any type application because we offer some models that double as space heaters. Besides the bathroom, they can be used in mudrooms, saunas, spas, kitchens, on boats, or in any room that may need additional heat. In some cases, they may also act as the sole source of heat in a room; for example a finished basement where dropping the ceiling to add central heating/air is not possible or too costly.


Why should AMBA products be considered over other products offered in showrooms?

  • Amba’s mission is to deliver high quality products at an affordable price. Our products are predominantly made from solid 304 Stainless Steel, not mild steel. Further, our products are not chrome plated and will not flake, a common problem amongst chrome plated materials. Only our two traditional models are made of nickel plated brass.
  • The majority of our Amba Towel Warmers are made with high quality Italian heating elements.
  • We offer the fastest and most efficient cable heating systems available for towel warmers, designed& made in Italy.
  • Amba offers an inclusive wide range of styles, sizes and finishes of Towel Warmers, and if we do not have anything that matches your desire, we can have a Custom Size unit fabricated to meet almost any specification (please see custom section below).
  • We sell our products at very competitive prices, and do not use high mark-ups so that we are able to offer ‘big discounts’.
  • We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and will always go above and beyond to make the customer happy and satisfied with their product; so not only are you getting a great product, you will also receive great customer service.

What different finishes are available for your towel warmers?

  • Our Jeeves collection towel warmers are offered in 4 different finishes: Polished, Brushed, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and White; same price for any finish.
  • Our Quadro model is available in 3 different finishes: Polished, Brushed and Oil Rubbed Bronze; same price for any finish.
  • Our Antus, Elory, Sirio, Vega, Freestanding and Swivel collections are only offered in 2 finishes: Polished and Brushed; same price for any finish.
  • Our Traditional model is offered in only 1 finish: Polished Nickel (light colored polished version).

What is the difference between an electric unit and a hydronic unit?

  • An ELECTRICAL towel warmer is heated by an electrical heating system (see ‘how long do the unit take to heat up?’ below for difference in the heating process) that in turn heats the bars. Electric units can be installed anywhere, are much simpler to install, and can be used all year round. All our models are offered in the electrical version standard.
  • A HYDRONIC unit is heated by hot water which is used for heating the whole house via a radiator system. The hydronic unit is controlled by a valve that lets the hot water flow through the towel warmer heating it and consequently the towels. The down side of the hydronic system is that in summer when the radiator heating system is not in use the towel warmers cannot be used. Please see the custom section below for more details on hydronic units.

How long do the units take to heat up?

  • Our Italian made collections (Quadro, Sirio, Vega, Antus and Elory) heat by way of a new patented technology that used thick wire cables throughout the unit (both vertical and horizontal bars) and takes only 15 minutes to heat up, regardless of the size of the unit.
  • Our Jeeves collection takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to heat up to its top temperature depending on the size of the unit you have. The process by which they heat is a heating element that heats a glycol-water mixture (similar to antifreeze) which the unit is filled with. This in turn heats up the horizontal and vertical bars, beginning with the top bars and working its way down.
  • Note: The temperature of the room, the size of the room, and if it is placed near a vent will all have an effect on the time it takes to heat your towel.

What if the Towel Warmer is too cold/hot?

  • JEEVES COLLECTION: If the towel warmer is too cold for your liking, you can leave it on for longer periods of time. Do not use 15/30/60min timers as they will not allow sufficient time for the unit to heat up. If the unit is on and is cold to the touch (i.e. little to no heat) you should contact our customer service department for troubleshooting. The Jeeves units are supposed to heat to 145° - 154°F with a security cut-off at 158°F. You should be able to grab and hold onto the bars without burning the skin, while still feeling very hot to the touch: You will want to let go of it.
  • Italian Collection (QUADRO, SIRIO, VEGA, and ANTUS): If the towel warmer is too hot or too cold for your preference, there is an optional Digital Heat Controller (available in brushed/polished finishes, see accessories below) that will allow you to regulate the heat level with 9 different temperature levels. These collections range between 131° - 167°F. If the units do not heat at all, this is most likely a warranty issue and you should contact customer service for troubleshooting.
  • Solo Collection: This Freestanding unit will heat up to 149°F. It is not possible to adjust this temperature or power settings on these units.
  • Swivel Collection: These units heat up to 136°F, and it is not possible to adjust the temperature or power settings on these units. These are the lowest wattage units of all the towel warmers we offer.
  • For all the towel warmers the highest temperature ranges occure under the insulation of a towel. A lot also depends on the temperature of the room.


Can a Towel Warmer be left on constantly? Do they consume a lot of energy? Are they safe to use?

  • YES! The towel warmers are very safe to use and have no exposed elements, and a safe surface temperature (Min. 136°F – Max. 167°F depending on your unit).
  • The Jeeves units have a built in thermostat and internal thermal cut-out for optimal energy consumption and safety. Once the unit reaches the ideal operating temperature, it then cycles itself to maintain this temperature. This allows them to be left on continuously, only drawing power to maintain the ideal temperature range. If for any reason it overheats, there is a safety cutout switch and the unit will shut off. A switch should always be provided so the units can be switched off when not in use, while on vacation for example.
  • For all other collections, once the units reach their top temperature, they will remain at that temperature and won’t fluctuate. You may add a timer or digital heat controller to the units to better control energy consumption whilst still maintaining full use of the towel warmer (see accessories section below for more information on these items).
  • The units should be installed by a certified electrician according to the local electrical code. Most wiring in bathrooms today is already GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) equipped, which is an inexpensive electrical device that prevents the risk of electrocution.
  • The towel warmers have been designed to operate continuously. Depending on the model, they start at using power equivalent to only one or two light bulbs.

What is the best way to place a towel on a towel warmer?

  • The best way to lay a towel over a towel warmer is quite simple. We recommend folding your towel in half lengthwise, and then folding it in half once more. If you have a larger towel, you can even repeat this an additional time. By doing so, you have created at least 4 layers of towel lying on either side of the heated bar. The more layers there are, the greater numbers of insulating layers which help the towel absorb and keep the heat. Further, the more layers, the more weight will be resting on the bars creating more contact surface area. We suggest having the towel cover at least three to four horizontal bars. You may also consider folding the towels on its length; place them on the heated towel bar, then covering it with a large, open, unfolded towel or bathrobe.

Are there any accessories that can be purchased to work with the towel warmers?

  • Yes! We have a variety of accessories to fit most of the models that we offer.
  • Timers – We have two different types of timers: (1) A 24/7 day programmable timer is intended to be used with any of our hardwired towel warmers, and will give you the ability to program your towel warmer to turn itself on/off at designated intervals, that you can set to your liking. (2) A plug-in 24/7 day programmable timer, that works just like the hardwired programmable timer, but works in conjunction with our plug-in units.
  • Switches – We have a single-pole Pilot light rocker switch that will work with any of our towel warmers for customers who wish to control their unit with an on/off switch.
  • Digital Heat Controller – The digital heat controller only works with our QUADRO, SIRIO, VEGA and ANTUS collections. It is designed to allow the user to have more control over the temperature the unit runs at, by giving them 9 different heat settings to choose from.
  • Bath Robe Hooks – We have bath robe hooks that will work with our Antus, Sirio and Jeeves collections
  • Towel Bars – We have towel bar accessories which mount just as a robe hook would, creating an additional bar that you can hang towels on. This accessory doesn’t heat the towel. This accessory works with our Sirio, Vega and Quadro models.
  • Shelf Bar – Similar to the towel bar, it attaches onto the unit like a robe hook, and creates a small shelf that sits in front of the unit, allowing you to keep towels for use at a future time, and will also benefit from any heat the unit puts out. This accessory only works with ourstraight Jeeves and all Sirio models.
  • Replacement horizontal bars – If you own a Vega or Quadro towel warmer, and any of the horizontal bars gets scratched, dented or damaged in any way, you can purchase a replacement bar for the damaged one. These bars simply snap on/off and are available in brushed and polished finishes.

Do the Towel Warmers come with Switches?

  • The Italian made Towel Warmers (QUADRO, SIRIO, VEGA and ANTUS) come equipped with a red on/off push button switch on the faceplate that will illuminate when switched on. The ELORY towel warmers come with a digital touch screen on the right side of the unit, allowing the customer turn it on/off and control the heat setting.
  • The Jeeves Collections and the Traditional models do not come with a built-in switch. They are offered with the hardwire kitnecessary to hardwire the unit included in the price. Having a separate switch allows you to place it in the most convenient position for your application. It also enables you to match the switch to the other fittings and décor of the room. These units have been tested to work with our 7day/24hr programmable timer or the simple rocker pilot switch.
  • The SOLO Freestanding models come with a built-in on/off switch located on the top of the unit.
  • The Swivel models come equipped with an on/off switch on the bottom of the unit.

Can the units me mounted upside down or sideways?

  • Yes, but not all towel warmer collections. The Italian towel warmers (Antus, Vega, Sirio, Quadro and Elory) can be mounted in any direction you desire (upside down or sideways) and will still perform just as they are expected to. This may be done as the customer may want the wiring and switch to be on the top left of the unit.
  • The Traditional and Jeeves models must ONLY be mounted with the wiring on the bottom right side of the unit, or else the unit will not function properly and one section could become extremely hot.


I see that all of your products have the electrical wiring on the bottom right hand side of the towel warmer; can I order the unit with the wiring on the left hand side?

  • Yes, it is possible to order the units with a Left Hand electrical fitting for the Jeeves and Traditional models in the brushed and polished finishes.  
  • The Italian towel warmers (Quadro, Sirio, Vega and Antus), can also have a left hand electrical fitting.  There is a $125 fee for this service.  Please contact us at sales@onlytowelwarmers.com. 

Do you have any plug-in towel warmers?

  • We have two collections that come as plug-in only towel warmers: 1) Solo Collection and 2) Swivel Collection. All of these units come with a cord and plug to be plugged directly into the wall.
  • Although not intended to be a plug-in as they are higher end and are primarily used for hardwire installation, any of our Jeeves models can be easily converted to a plug in unit. The units come with a 36” long wire which can be cut to any length and fitted with a standard UL certified three-prong plug which can be found at any hardware store. You may also use it into our 7day/24hr plug-in programmable timer.

Can the towel warmers be used outdoors?

  • The majority of our towel warmers are installed indoors away from outside weather. The concern with installing a towel warmer outdoors is the exposure to the elements, notably, heavy rain + ice. If there is a large amount of water that can get behind the faceplate and into the electrical wiring it can cause the unit to short circuit. If the unit is properly installed in a covered location, it could be protected and not face any problems, but thereis always a risk.
  • If the unit is wired in a covered pool area, we recommend using outdoor weather-proof wire connectors such as those by Ideal Industries and sealing the faceplate with silicone and/or the use of a single-gang box gasket.
  • If you are within a close proximity to the beach, or salty water/air, we strongly recommend protecting your towel warmer fromthese conditions.
  • We do have a freestanding towel warmer, the Solo, that comes with a cord and plug which can be used outdoors when wanted, and then brought indoors when it is no longer needed.

How does the warranty process work?

  • For any towel warmer that you believe has a warranty issue, we recommend that you take some preliminary steps prior to sending the unit back to us to have it inspected. We recommend that you wire the unit up to a 3-prong plug and plug it directly into the wall (an extension cord should be used if no plug is within close proximity). If the unit begins to heat properly, then it was likely a bad connection or faulty wiring that has caused the problem. If the unit is still not functioning accordingly, then it is indeed likely a warranty issue. On the Italian Towel Warmers with Emmesteel heating technology, you should also check the continuity. 

Which collections can double as a space heater?

  • The Amba Antus, Elory, Quadro, Sirio and Vega models.

Why is the bottom bar not as hot as the top bar?

  • Due to the fact that thermal fluid convection is used to heat the unit, the bottom bar is not as hot as the top bar.  This is especially noticeable when the unit has just been switched on.

Where are Amba Towel warmers manufactured?

  • The Amba Jeeves  are manufactured in South Africa. The heating elements are manufactured in Italy. 

  • The Amba Sirio, Quadro, Antus, Vega, Elory collections are manufactured in Italy

  • The Amba Traditional, Swivel, Solo, Radiant collections are manufactured in China.