Choosing the right towel warmer for your bathroom


An electric towel warmer is the cherry-on-the-top post, a warm and relaxing shower. Well, stepping into the world of luxury and smothering yourself in a cozy towel early in the morning or after a long day can be total bliss. And especially in the winter, the towel warmer can be more than a luxury - a sense of comfort and necessity. Gone are the days when towel warmers served as "luxury furnishings." Today, customers are purchasing towel warmers for their spa-like benefits, but also, the remitted heat can fight the molds, mildew, and bacteria on the towel - thus catering to a safe and hygienic environment.

We have been offering towel warmers for over a decade. When we first started offering towel warmers, many people had not heard of them. Thankfully, they are now becoming a must-have bathroom accessory. This is the ultimate guide to choosing the best towel warmer for your bathroom. We want to help you create that spa-like experience.

Should I purchase an electric or hydronic towel warmer? 

A hydronic towel warmer uses hot water or steam to heat the rails of the towel warmer. Hydronic towel warmers can be challenging to install if not included in the design of a new construction or a complete remodel phase. Less than 5% of all towel warmers sold in the US are hydronic. We at Only Towel Warmers offer electric towel warmers but would be happy to assist if you need a hydronic towel warmer. Some of the brands that are available as a Hydronic are Artos and Tuzio.

Myson Hydronic towel warmer

Example of a Hydronic towel warmer (Myson B31-1). Note the plumbing valves at the bottom of the towel warmer.

On the other hand, an electric towel warmer is quite economical and simpler to install! These towel warmers can be hardwired or plugged in. Wiring a hardwired towel warmer is usually based on the same principle as wiring a light fixture. We offer 110V (standard in the US) towel warmers. If you need a 240V, brands such as Sterlingham and Runtal can be purchased in other voltages.

Tuzio Sorano Electric Towel WarmerExample of an electric towel warmer (Tuzio Sorano)Note the plate on the bottom right is where the wiring is connected.  


Many towel warmers do not have an on/off switch.   Though running most towel warmers continuously is okay, we recommend installing a switch or programmable timer.  Smart programmable timers are available so that you have the convenience of controlling your towel warmer from your phone. 

Smart Programmable timer for towel warmer

One of the most popular smart programmable timers made by Leviton. 

I've established that I need an electric towel warmer, but I've read that some are liquid-filled, and a wire cable heats others. What is the difference?

The two primary characteristics that differentiate the two types of electric towel warmers are the total heating time required and the ability to repair should your towel warmer stop working. As the name suggests, an oil-filled towel warmer uses heated oil to warm the rails. (Don't confuse oil-filled electric towel warmers with hydronic towel warmers). The oil in these towel warmers is heated using a heating element, and it can take 30 to 45 minutes to heat the rails. If an oil-filled towel warmer stops working, the cause is usually the heating element has gone out.   We do offer heating elements for collections such as the Amba Jeeves. On the other hand, towel warmers with wire cables will heat up quickly in about 15 minutes.   However, a towel warmer that uses a wire cable to distribute the heat often cannot be repaired.    

Whether a towel warmer is oil-filled or has an internal wire cable, it should last you for many years.

 Some notable examples of oil-filled towel warmers are - 

A few examples of towel warmers that use a wiring cable to distribute the heat. 

What size towel warmer do I need?

Towels come in several sizes. A standard towel is approximately 27" x 52", whereas a bath sheet will be around 35" x 60".

When folding a towel, you can either fold it in half or thirds.   If you fold a towel in thirds, you can fit more towels on the towel warmer.

Folding a towel for a towel warmer

  courtesy of Amba towel warmers

Amba has an excellent post on folding your towel for a towel warmer. 

Below are towel warmer models and the number of towels that you can expect to fit on it.


Amba Quadro 2016 towel warmer

Amba Quadro 2016 Towel Warmer

Amba Quadro 2016 (20.5"w x 16.75"h) is designed to hold one towel.

Artos Denby M06845 (18"w x 27"h)

Tuzio Savoy (15.5"x x 25"h)


Amba Jeeves C Curved Towel Warmer
Amba Jeeves C Curved Towel Warmer

Amba Jeeves C Straight (20.5" w x 36" h) is designed to hold two or more towels.

Mr. Steam W236 (20"w x 36" h)

Kontour Convex (24"w  x 40"h)


Amba Jeeves D towel Warmer
Amba Jeeves D Towel Warmer

Amba Jeeves D (20.5" x 53") is designed to hold three to four towels.

Tuzio Sorano (23.5" x 64" )

Kontour Linear (24" x 60")

What is the difference between a $200 and a $2,000 towel warmer?

Sterlingham Stourton Towel Warmer

Handcrafted Sterlingham Stourton towel warmer.  Made out of brass tubing.  


Generally, the entry-level towel warmers are typically crafted out of 201 stainless steel. On the other hand, the mid-level towel warmers are composed of 304 stainless steel, and the Amba Jeeves D Straight Hardwired Towel Warmer is one such notable example. Lastly, the high-end towel warmers are crafted from brass tubing and are comparatively the most expensive. Sterlingham is an example of towel warmers crafted from brass tubing. 

Manufacturing Location

The entry-level towel warmers are usually made in China, whereas the mid-level and high-end towel warmers are crafted in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Italy.

Amba Radiant Towel Warmer

The Amba Radiant is a budget friendly towel warmer

MAP Pricing

Most towel warmer brands will not allow retailers to sell their products below a specific price, as this helps protect the brand from eroding.

Here at Only Towel Warmers, we do not price our towel warmers below the minimum that the manufacturers set. If you see a towel warmer cheaper on another website, they are likely breaking the MAP Pricing Policy, which is grounds for revoking their selling privileges. We also do not price-gouge our customers. We aim to set the fairest prices while adhering to manufacturers' policies.

Crafting Method

A custom-designed towel warmer will be more expensive compared to the mass-produced ones. Generally, the most expensive towel warmers are handmade and custom-designed based on the user's needs and requirements. 

Why should I consider adding a towel warmer to my bathroom?

Besides the utmost comfort and luxury, towel warmers also prevent mold, mildew growth, and bacteria. Recently, a study examined how a towel warmer can reduce the bacteria found on a towel.   Since the towels will dry quickly with the help of a towel warmer, the overall chance of developing the molds will increasingly decrease. The heat emitted by the rods will kill bacteria that feed on wet towels.

 Another benefit is that some towel warmers also act as heat source. Brands such as Runtal are often purchased to heat bathrooms without any other heat source. 

Runtal omnipanel towel warmer

The Runtal Omnipanel OPII15 produces close to 2000 BTUs

I need a towel warmer to help heat the bathroom. Should I be looking at a particular model?

Various variables should be considered when choosing a towel warmer to heat the bathroom. How well-insulated the room is will determine how effective a towel warmer will be. Is it foam or spray insulation? Insulation can resist heat flow and lower heating or cooling costs. In this case, 'insulation' in the bathroom walls can help retain the heat of the towel warmer and help your bathroom space stay warmer for longer.

Secondly, determine how many windows you have in your bathroom. Generally, a windowless bathroom is more likely to stay warmer than one with windows.  Moreover, if it's not connected to an outside wall - the heating effects are bound to be much more efficient.

You can have a HVAC person perform a load calculation to help you determine how many BTUs a towel warmer will need to produce to heat your bathroom. Or you can use the following load calculator that will help you determine how many BTUs you will need. 

BTU Calculator

Runtal is known for manufacturing towel warmers that also help heat a room. They will be your best option for providing radiant heat, especially if that is the primary purpose of the towel warmer. 


Our popular towel warmer collection, Amba, offers several models that act as space heaters. Here are as follows - 

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for the best electric towel warmer for your home? Now that you know the whereabouts and how bouts, are you excited to pick the best towel warmer model for your space? We are here to help.  We have sold thousands of towel warmers and have been in business for over a decade.  We are not a big box store but only offer brands that we would install in our own home.

Discover the entire collection of Only towel warmers and contact us if you need help choosing a towel warmer.
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