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Classy does not discriminate.  It can be appreciated by anyone, no matter what their background, no matter where they live.  It is not simply meant to be enjoyed in the Silicon valley or New York City penthouses.

Whether you live in a mansion in Beverly Hills or on a ranch in Texas, you know that feeling when you are exhausted from the day, the muck of life weighing you down, and all you can desire is a long, hot shower to wash away the day.  By the time you get home, your thoughts are singular, focused only on enjoying the warmth and the steam, wanting to stand under the water until the water runs cold.

That shower must end, but the warmth doesn’t need to.  Wrapping yourself in a warm towel, holding the chill at bay—that is luxury.  And it is luxury that anyone can appreciate.  

So bring the Amba Jeeves D Straight towel warmer into your home and that luxury into your life.


  • Width :    20-1/2" (Custom Widths Available)
  • Height:    53"
  • Depth :    4-1/2"
  • Crossbars: 20
  • Watts: 240
  • BTUs: 818
  • Amps: 2.2
  • Average Temp. Range 145 °– 154 °F
  • Safety cut out temp of 158 ° F
  • Standard voltage 110 volts 
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Towel Warmer / Towel Dryer
  • Classic towel bar with straight bars
  • Can be wired on left side for an extra charge, upon request
  • Helps bathrooms stay warm, mold,and mildew free
  • Bars ideally spaced to hold large and small towels
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Finishes include polished, brushed, oil rubbed bronze and white
  • The overall depth of Jeeves Towel Rails is 4 1/2" for the Straight models
  • Custom hydronic models are available by special order
  • Includes a built in thermostat and internal thermal cutout for optimal energy consumption and safety
  • Can be controlled by an optional  on / off switch or  24 hr / 7 day programmable timer.
  • Integrated security thermofuse, set at 242 °F, adds additional safety
  • Available in the following custom widths: 12" / 16" / 24".  Please contact us for pricing. 


About Amba:
When Amba Towel Warmers was established in Atlanta, Georgia their mission was to bring to the US market a Collection of  towel warmers that is competitively priced, made of quality 304 stainless steel (it is not plated) and  is aesthetically pleasing to even the most discerning client.   The Italian designed Amba towel warmers are designed with today's home and life style in mind.  For almost two decades, Amba has worked hard to educate the America public on the many benefits of owning a towel warmer. Many of their collections come in different finishes including polished and brushed stainless steel, white and oil rubbed bronze. Amba offers a  wide range of styles within several different collections (Elory, Quadro, Sirio, Traditional, Swivel, Solo, Jeeves).  Their towel warmers are not limited to bathrooms.  But are also appearing in  resorts, yachts, hotels, laundry, and mudrooms.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Trevor Watt
Great towel warmer

We finally purchased this higher-end towel warmer after owning a much cheaper big-box store version that burned several of our towels. Shipping was quick and everything arrived without any damage. Assembly was easy and the hard-wiring was done by a local electrician. This thing is heavy so you'll want a 2nd set of hands to help with installation. It's heavy because it uses fluid in the bars as the heating medium instead of an internal resistance wire. Because of that, we haven't had any problems with hot spots like with our previous wire-heated unit. It does take a while to heat up but we have it on a programmable timer so that isn't a problem. During the winter we're just going to leave it on 24 hours a day.

I highly recommend this brand and this particular (fluid heated) model. Also highly recommend Only Towel Warmers for the easy communication and shipping out to Colorado.

Olga P.
Everything as Expected and Very Fast

These guys shipped quickly, everything got here well and has made my towels so much nicer to use!

Highly recommend and I know that it's sometimes hard to trust random websites, but these guys are the real deal for sure :D

Beautiful towel warmer

Delivered very quickly. Helps that all the installation and manuals are posted on the website. Looks absolutely beautiful in the room and heats up quickly. The remodel isn’t done, but when it is I will post better pictures! My only issue so far is that the timer is Not intuitive at all and complicated to program, I wish it were more like the heated flooring timer that we have - but that has nothing to do with the towel warmer - the warmer is great.

Charles S
Looks great, just installed

Just installed the Jeeves D and it looks great. I learned the following that might help you with your decision:
1. This towel rack takes about 30 minutes to heat up. (uses hot water to run through tubing)
2. Once the towel rack is warm, it will take a few hours for the towel rack to heat your towel.
3. As explained in the description there is an internal thermostat so this rack is intended to be kept on for long periods of time. (or at least on for several hours before you want a warm towel)
4. the Amba help desk was helpful if you need to contact them.
5. How warm does your towel actually get? I'm not exactly sure yet.

My hope was to turn on the towel warmer, take my shower than have a heated towel. I think my expectation was too high. The towel rack does run at 250W, so at 5 hours, that would be about 10-15 cents in electric bill increase in our area per day. Not too bad. (I'll buy a programable timer when the winter comes to set a 5 hour on schedule)

Also, was very helpful and provided great customer service while purchasing this towel rack.


Thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review. I appreciate your business. Please let me know if I can assist. - Michael

Milton G Mora
Happy customer over here

Due to work I moved my family not long ago from Colorado (dry climate) to Seattle (humid climate - very humid) and although we are very happy in this rainy area, I can't stand the smell of a wet towel. That's when this towel warmer came into our home. I do not think that it is a luxury then let's not forget that a wet towel doesn't only smells bad, but it also won't dry you when you need it! The towel warmer hangs on the wall away from the floors which gives you more room.

Easy installation - I am not an electrician, but once I saw the included diagram, I was not afraid to install it myself.
Great Design - love it
Low heat - which gives you not only a low energy bill, but also it won't burn you to touch, which is very important since I have little kids. The towels are dry though
Hardware included in the package - everything you need, but the switch which I bought separately

The included screws for mounting the towel warmer aren't very strong. They broke on me while I was screwing the attachments to the 2x4 on my wall (!?). However nothing that quick hardware Store run wouldn't fix. But it was annoying and time consuming.

I am very happy with my towel warmer. However I do have a small message to the company: Guys, can you please make sure that the included screws are of better quality in the future. I mean, come on guys, I just bought a piece of equipment that cost me over $1000. Can you please make sure the included hardware represents also the quality of your product.


I am glad to hear that you love the Amba Jeeves D Straight that you purchased from us. Thank you for taking a time to leave a detailed review. This will be very helpful for future customers. I have forwarded your suggestions of stronger mounting screws to our Amba rep.

I appreciate your business.


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