Sterlingham Prestwood Strand Towel Warmer - 28.75"w x 34.25"h

Sterlingham Prestwood Strand Towel Warmer - 28.75"w x 34.25"h

$3,348.95 $4,465.00

Between yourself, your spouse, and your kids your bathroom gets a lot of use each day. But no matter how busy the space gets, you know that style needs to go hand in hand with function to create a space that can be a retreat for anyone that uses it. So when it comes time to find a place to hang and store all the towels your family uses each day, you want to make sure you find something that not only has the size you need, but also the style and the function. And what better way to store you towels than on a towel warmer that will quickly warm and dry them as well?

The Prestwood Strand Towel Warmer from Sterlingham gives you all that and more. This sleek, contemporary towel warmer will fit into any modern bathroom design, yet has all the space you need to serve all your family’s towel needs. At just over 34-inches in height, nearly 29-inches in width and with a depth of nearly 10-inches, the Prestwood can handle anything you throw at it. Yet with its clean lines and sleek joints, it will fit seamlessly into your bathroom. Now you can have form, function, and luxury at once with the Prestwood Strand Warmer from Sterlingham.


  • 100% handcrafted in the UK from high-quality brass
  • Width : 28.75"
  • Height: 34.25"
  • Depth : 9.84"
  • Crossbars: 6
  • Watts: 148
  • Supply cable can exit from whichever foot flange is chosen.
  • Hardwired (110v)
  • Sterlingham towel warmers  are custom made and takes 4 - 6 weeks. 
  • Sterlingham can be customize to any size.  Please contact us for a custom quote. 
  • Concealed fittings (screw heads hidden)
  • Sterlingham Low Energy Electric Towel Warmers are crafted to last the life of your home.

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About Sterlingham
Sterlingham is a British made product that strives for excellence and perfection in every piece. The 28 year old company was found by Kelvin Pearce, who personally designed each of the towel warmers, bathroom accessories, and washstands the company makes. Every piece produced by Sterlingham passes through the facilities machine shop, polishing shop, fabrication bay, and assembly bay with the majority of their parts and pieces being made in-house and by hand. Every product is first handcrafted, then hand assembled, before undergoing a final inspection. Their motto is to produce products that are 100% perfect 100% of the time, so every Sterlingham towel warmer you purchase is going to have the kind of quality you crave for your home.


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The Runtal Radia RTREG-2924 Plug In towel warmer was exactly as advertised, sizes were exact on the mounting holes and it shipped more quickly than advertised. I would recommend and plan on shopping here again.

Highly recommended

We bought an AMBA Jeeves Model D towel warmer from onlytowelwarmers. The towel warmer is beautiful and very functional.
When we purchased the item, we were told that the towel warmer was out of stock and would be available in about a month and half.
the towel warmer was delivered as promised, in addition to the best price out of 3-4 providers we contacted.

We recommend both the specific AMBA towel warmer and, a good business to deal with!