Onlytowelwarmers is an authorized dealer of Artos Towel Warmers. 

The prosperity of the Artos Italian Designer towel warmers is the driving force in their desire to provide the finest towel warmers and still retain affordability. ARTOS® is about your well being and comfort.

Artos Collections:  Cadiz    Denby   Lioni    Ryton   Solent   Triondo   Accessories

Artos MX15 Hardwire Kit

from $89.95

Artos MX30 Denby 18" Towel Rack

from $74.95

Artos MX31 Denby 24" Towel Rack

from $78.95

Artos MX32 Denby 30" Towel Rack

from $82.95

Artos TX10 Traditional Hardwire Kit

from $80.95