Runtal Electric Programmable Controller EPC

Runtal Electric Programmable Controller EPC


Electric Programmable Controller (EPC) may be used with all direct wired Runtal Electric towel Radiators and provides efficient zoning and convenient ON/OFF operation. The Electric Programmable controller is designed to be installed in a double gang electrical box mounted at eye level, in a location convenient for viewing the LCD display. Use the Electric Programmable controller to provide a warm bathroom first thing in the morning, to avoid heating the entire house in the spring and fall and to provide comfortable heat to meet your daily routine.


  • LCD display of Day & Time
  • Up to 8 different ON/OFF cycles per day
  • Seven day individual programming function
  • Block programming of up to seven days per ON/OFF cycle
  • Manual On/OFF override
  • 150 hour built in battery saves programs in case of power outage

Wiring Diagram and Programming Instructions

Please choose the correct finish. Unfortunately, some of the towel warmers that we carry,  do not have images that reflect each finish.

About Runtal:

Comfort, style, versatility, durability and energy efficiency are all engineered into every radiator that runtal builds. Headquartered in Switzerland with licensees worldwide, Runtal is considered the world leader in radiator technology. This is no surprise, since Runtal invented panel radiators back in the 1950's and has hundreds of thousands of installations throughout the world. Over 20 years ago, a major commitment was made to the American and Canadian markets by the opening of a state-of-the-art factory in Ward Hill, Massachusetts. All products are designed to meet American building requirements and carry a five year warranty.



Customer Reviews

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Haven't unpacked it yet

I will be happy to give you a review once I unpack it. There was a flood in one of our adjacent condo units which put my remodel back about a month. I gave you a five star rating just because of your customer service and how well you treated me. Once I have it unpacked and installed in re-review it I'm sure it'll still be five stars!

We score 5.0 based on 314 reviews.



OnlyTowelWarmers was superb

OnlyTowelWarmers was superb, great customer service and a great price. I highly recommend them.

Great product at a fantastic price

This is our 2nd Mr Steam towel warmer for our new home. Ordering was very easy and the telephone support for the sale was exceptional. The warmer and the towel hook were both shipped directly from the manufacturer the following business day and they arrived in perfect condition 2 days later. Plus the price was the best I found online and since shipping was included, the price, the service, and the support made this an unbeatable deal.

Bottom line- I looked around before deciding on buying here, but I'm glad I found and give them a A+ recommendation


The Runtal Radia RTREG-2924 Plug In towel warmer was exactly as advertised, sizes were exact on the mounting holes and it shipped more quickly than advertised. I would recommend and plan on shopping here again.

Highly recommended

We bought an AMBA Jeeves Model D towel warmer from onlytowelwarmers. The towel warmer is beautiful and very functional.
When we purchased the item, we were told that the towel warmer was out of stock and would be available in about a month and half.
the towel warmer was delivered as promised, in addition to the best price out of 3-4 providers we contacted.

We recommend both the specific AMBA towel warmer and, a good business to deal with!

Personal Service

When I placed my order, I forgot to fill in the color on one of the towel warmers. When I realized my mistake, and before I could do anything about it, I was contacted by the head of the company to clarify the color on the second unit. I don't expect that kind of personal attention and service from an online company of any size. The units arrived on time and in good condition, and they sent me an email informing me that the units had been delivered. That, too, is helpful, as sometimes I forget that I've ordered something, so I'm not aware that it should have arrived and didn't. Their prices were also the best I could find, so I was very pleased.