History of the towel warmer

History of the towel warmer

  The birth of the towel warmer can be found in the invention of the "radiator".   According to history the radiator was    invented in Saint Petersburg, Russia around 1855.

  The radiator forms part of a central heating system whereby a boiler heats water, which is pumped through a series of      pipes into a home  to heat a room.  A radiator would be placed in a room in order to provide more heat in that room. 

  As bathrooms were heated in this fashion, towels or articles of clothing were placed on the radiator to dry - hence, the arrival of the towel warmer.  The 1920s saw the birth of the cast iron water heated towel warmer, commonly referred to as a "bath radiator."
Towel warmers are also referred to as heated towel rails, heated towel bars, and in Britain, as drying racks. 


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