2 recent questions about Amba towel warmers.

We would like to share two recent questions that we received from customers.  

CUSTOMER: I am looking to purchase the Amba Jill B004.  Is that particular model large enough to fit two bath towels?  If not, can you recommend some other models that would fit the criteria?

 OTW: It really depends on the size of the towels that you are looking to put on the model. While the J-B004 could be large enough to fit two towels, the swivel models are not the most efficient/effective and drying and warming towels throughout. The most important aspect to towel warmers is surface area contact between the bars and the towel. More bars = warmer/dryer towel throughout. For 2 towels, the most common model purchased is either our Jeeves model E, the Sirio S2133 or the Quadro Q 2033

CUSTOMER:  Can you fit two towels on the Amba Elory E-2130?

OTW: It will fit two standard bathing towels.  The opening is about 14", so you might have to fold the towel into thirds.

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