Interview with Mr. Bernard from Wesaunard towel warmers.

Interview with Mr. Bernard from Wesaunard towel warmers.


Recently, we spoke with Mr. John Bernard, who is the President of Wesaunard towel warmers.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for  

OTW: Share with us the history of Wesaunard. 

  • BERNARD: Wesaunard is a company formed in 1993 by three ex myson employees GARY WEBSTER,  MICHAEL SAUNDERS & JOHN BERNARD parts of each last name form the name  WES  AUN  ARD.  Eventually, Webster and Saunders left the company.  Wesaunard's primary factory source is in Birmingham U.K. with our secondary source in the west midlands of the U.K. All of Wesaunards towel warmers are hand crafted on a made to order basis and we remain one of the only companies that will build to meet specific space requirements. Our product carries a 5 year warranty and 1 year on the electrical element. Our sales mix is 95% electric 5% hydronic.
OTW: What is your role with Wesaunard?
  • BERNARD: founder & president.
OTW: What should a customer consider when purchasing a towel warmer?
  • BERNARD: Several considerations should be made when looking at purchasing a towel warmer. 1. What are the base materials used in the construction?  Brass provides the best finished product as it is a softer metal and will polish to a mirror flawless finish unlike steel.  2. Is the product field repairable should service be required, many companies require the product to be returned should service be required and this leads to considerable expense and time. 3. How many family members will share in the use of the towel warmer. To many towels defeat the ability of the product to deliver the desired result. 4.Electric towel warmers versus hydronic.  Many of the clients who select a hydronic towel warmer do so with the thought that the electric product is to costly to operate. The opposite is actually the case as the average electric towel warmer uses the energy equal to a 100 watt light bulb. The best advice I could give when considering a purchase is to consult someone who can answer all your questions. 
OTW: What is Wesaunard's most popular towel warmer?
  • BERNARD:  This question is difficult to answer given the menu of choice offered by wesaunard, my answer would be not the particular unit but the series. the most popular series has been the VICTORIAN
    followed by BARONIAL,then FUTURAMA, & EUTOPIA.
OTW: If you were giving a towel warmer as a gift, which model would you give and why?
  • BERNARD: I would want to first know what finish the recipients fixtures were.   I would likely choose one of the portable units from the Wesaunard line as they are able to be used in any room and transportable should the party relocate. is a family owned business that specializes in selling  electric towel warmers.

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