Coordinating Bathroom Accessories


There are a lot of different bathroom designs out there, and a lot of different ways of achieving the look that you want. One of the things that sets apart a well-finished bathroom design from other designs, though is often the little things, such as matching the color of the trim to the color of your fixtures, or coordinating your bathroom accessories to match the other details in the room. These seemingly inconsequential elements are what help elevate the room’s final design to something truly special. Learn some of the tips and tricks for matching your accessories to the rest of the bathroom to help make your new design shine.

Match the Escutcheons

Style can be found in a number of different areas, but for things like faucets, shower valve plates, and your bathroom accessories, it’s often the escutcheon or the plate that joins the accessory to the wall or counter that dictates its style. When it’s time to coordinate your bathroom accessories, take the time to look for a set that can match or coordinate with the other escutcheons in the room. Sometimes this is easy to do, if your faucet is a popular design or a classic style, but if you have a faucet that is truly avant garde, you may want to look for accessory escutcheons that complement it, rather than attempting to match it entirely.

One example of this would be if you had a faucet with a tear-drop escutcheon, or a fluid base and you matched it with accessories that have a very clean, minimal base so they both suggest a contemporary or modern style, but without clashing with one another.

Pay Attention to Finish

Finish is a very tricky thing to get just right in the bathroom. The space is small and often different elements need to sit closely together, so you can see if something is off. Many companies make proprietary finishes, meaning that while they may all call their finish Satin Nickel, some may have a truly brushed finish, some may have a spray painted plastic finish, and some may be lacquered. Unless you can purchase everything from the same brand, it can be difficult to match them all.

One work around for this is to look for “true” metal finishes. Chrome, copper, and brass all have standards for the thickness and appearance of the metal. Polished nickel is also fairly consistent. If you can, ask for samples of the finish from different manufacturers to ensure that you’re matching everything as closely as possible if you get into specialty finishes.

Choose One Element to Work Around

Sometimes it’s possible to purchase everything you need for the bathroom from one manufacturer so you can be sure that every detail will match. This is often not possible, however, especially with so many different ways to purchase and find elements for your home.

If this is the case, consider starting with just one element and coordinating everything else to that. For example, if you want to install a towel warmer in your bathroom, choose the look and style that you want, then look for bathroom accessories that have a coordinating escutcheon or finish from that. Because basic accessories are usually sold in packs or groups, it’s much easier to coordinate them to a single item – like a towel warmer – than it is to coordinate a single item to the rest of the room after the fact. By putting your focus on a single element in the room and building around this, you increase your chances of achieving a cohesive design within the room as a whole.

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Design

A good bathroom design is cohesive with all the various elements working together to form a single unit. This includes even those little things like bathroom accessories and towel warmers. Be sure to match these items with the design as a whole to create a bathroom design that truly shines. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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