Ask us! Questions about towel warmers.

A recent question that  we received about towel warmers. 

What is the main difference between a $300 towel warmer  and a $700-1000 towel warmer?

There are several factors that will determine the price of a towel warmer. 

 * The material that the towel warmer is made out of.  Some of the cheaper models will be made out of of 201 stainless steel.  Higher end towel warmers will be crafted out of 304 stainless steel or Brass. 
* The country that it is manufactured in.  A towel warmer imported from Italy will be more expensive than a model manufactured in China.
* Does is serve as a space heater as well?  Some of the more expensive models such as Runtal, will help heat the room.
* The size of the towel warmer. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.