Interview with Toby Hill from Artos Towel Warmers.

Interview with Toby Hill from Artos Towel Warmers.


Recently, we spoke with Mr. Toby Hill, who is the National Sales Executive at  Artos.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for  

OTW: Share with us the history of Artos. 

Artos was started by Peter Hill in 2005 after emigrating from the UK with a plumbing background and a vision for European styles in the US.  Originally, Artos was solely a towel warmer company and spread into faucets & shower systems in 2006. 

OTW: What is your role with  Artos?

I am a National Sales Executive, responsible for setting up and servicing key accounts across the US.

OTW: What should a customer consider when purchasing a towel warmer?

The consumer should identify what role the towel warmer is going to have in the room.  Large Towel Warmers can have enough output to heat a room if necessary or smaller models can be used to simply dry towels and keep them fresh which reduces wash loads.  In addition, models with wider bars or models with more bars that are placed closer together will be more effective as they have a larger surface area of heat.

OTW: What is Artos' most popular towel warmer?

Currently, the Denby is Artos’ most popular towel warmer.  The Ryton is close behind and the Lioni is becoming very popular.  When considering the more traditional models, the Solent wall mount towel warmer is the most popular.

OTW: If you were giving a towel warmer as a gift, which model would you give and why?

I would definitely recommend the Triondo unit which can be used as either free standing or wall mounted, hardwired or plug-in.  This is from the new Versatile range, aptly named for its versatility J and means the customer can choose how they want to use it once they have it.  They are not tied to having it just wall mounted or just free standing which makes it the perfect gift! is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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