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Bidets are an important addition to any home. They offer a number of benefits that can help people in many different ways. Not only do they provide comfort and cleanliness, but they also help the environment with less water usage and electricity consumption than toilet paper or disposable wipes. In this blog post we will discuss six benefits of a bidet.  

Bidets are more eco-friendly than toilet paper.

According to intensive studies, "Americans, who make up just over 4 percent of the world’s population, account for over 20 percent of global tissue consumption." 

That's about 141 rolls of toilet paper a year per person! This amounts to 18 trees per year and 920 gallons of water used for production! One of the  benefits of a bidet is the reduction of the amount of toilet tissue needed by up to 80%. That's a reduction in tree usage alone.

A bidet is easier to clean than a toilet.

This means there's less chance of bacteria growth, even if you use less harsh chemicals like bleach to disinfect it. Instead of scrubbing the entirety of the bowl, all you need to do with a bidet is give it a quick wipe after use and maybe add some disinfectant or cleaning solution if there are any stains or smells lingering around. In addition, because most modern toilets have gaps in the base that allow water to seep in and potentially cause mold, a bidet can help prevent this from happening.

Bidets are great for kids.

Allowing your kids to have their own personal space when they're potty training will make them feel more independent and confident - plus, they'll learn good hygiene habits early on in life!  Once they're a bit older, bidets can also help with the toilet training process as it'll be easier for them to understand.

Bidets are extremely gentle on sensitive skin and provide a more comfortable experience than using paper products alone. Bidet's use warm or cold water which helps soothe those from irritation from scratching at their skin while going through the potty-training phase of life. 

Bidets are ideal for those with mobility issues.

Electronic bidets are great for people who have difficulty getting up and down, turning their bodies, or moving around. In fact the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) calls them a “disability friendly way to go.”

Using an electronic bidet seat allows you to control the water pressure, temperature, position of stream - all things that can make it easier when it comes time for cleanliness! 

For those with arthritis, for example, bidets can be a lifesaver. They lower the amount of strain you have to put on your hands and fingers while also providing an easy way to get cleaned up. And if you live alone or are in a care home environment, they allow people without assistance from others being able to go through their daily routine easily. 

This makes them especially useful for elderly folks who may need extra help getting around but don't want to give up independence by moving into assisted living facilities (which is another great benefit of a bidet).

In other words, if you or someone you know struggles with mobility issues then installing a personal cleaning system could be one of the best decisions you ever made!

Bidets are more comfortable for hemorrhoids than toilet paper.

Using an electronic bidet seat allows you to control the pressure level depending on what you're using it for - perfect if you suffer from hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome! 

Bidets offer a higher level of clean than toilet paper.

Using an electronic bidet seat allows you to control the water pressure and temperature, allowing for a more thorough cleaning. With toilet paper it's pretty much impossible to get every nook and cranny, but with an electric model this is no longer a problem.


A Bidet can be set up in minutes! You don't need professional help or any special tools - just follow your easy installation guide that comes with your model. We have several models of bidets available that are suitable for both homes and businesses alike. 

A bidet is a great addition to any household because it provides comfort, cleanliness, and independence. It's important for all of us to feel comfortable in our own skin and with the tools we use every day - why not make that tool as effective as possible? 

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