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Get Handcrafted Quality with Sterlingham

Sterlingham_Towel_WarmerThe trend for appliances throughout the home in recent years has been moving toward bespoke and handcrafted pieces that put an emphasis on quality, as well as on style. And for a long time, this trend has been largely confined to the kitchen, where it is easier to find those high-quality, handcrafted pieces for the home. Now, however, you can add that same excellence and design to your bathroom as well by investing in a towel warmer made by Sterlingham.

British Excellence

Sterlingham is a British made product that strives for excellence and perfection in every piece. The 28 year old company was found by Kelvin Pearce, who personally designed each of the towel warmers, bathroom accessories, and washstands the company makes.

Every piece produced by Sterlingham passes through the facilities machine shop, polishing shop, fabrication bay, and assembly bay with the majority of their parts and pieces being made in-house and by hand. Every product is first handcrafted, then hand assembled, before undergoing a final inspection. Their motto is to produce products that are 100% perfect 100% of the time, so every Sterlingham towel warmer you purchase is going to have the kind of quality you crave for your home.

Options and Designs

Sterlingham towel warmers are made not just to the most exacting standards of quality, but to surpass everyday design aesthetics as well. They offer several standard finishes including:

  • Polished Brass (uncoated, living finish)
  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Nickel
  • Matt Nickel
  • Gold
  • Light, Medium, and Dark Solid Bronze (living finish)
  • Light, Medium, and Dark Antique Bronze (living finish)

In addition, you also have options for powering your towel warmer. Sterlingham offers low-energy electric warmers, hydronic or water-filled warmers, and dual-fuel which offers the use of both their low-energy electric and hydronic fuels in one warmer so you can switch between them.

Many of their warmers also offer the option of ball joints, straight joints, or bespoke joints between the rails, as well as differing rail sizes, and the number of rails available. The result is the perfect towel warmer to match any bathroom décor, size, or color. They also offer a floor-mounted option for those looking for a different look entirely in the bathroom.

Each of the towel warmers also offers a control switch, which will allow you to adjust the temperature during warmer weather when less heat output from the rails is needed.

With each piece made to order, now you can have handcrafted quality and design in your bathroom, as well as in the rest of your home.

Consider Sterlingham for Your Bathroom

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