Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget


If your bathroom is in good shape, but outdated in looks and not quite meeting your needs it can be a tough call for homeowners on whether or not to renovate. Renovations can be time consuming and expensive and if the majority of the bath is in good condition, why not leave it alone? It doesn’t have to be one way or another, however; you can give your bathroom a more updated appearance and better function for a lot less than a full scale renovation will cost you.

Small Swap Outs

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in the bathroom just by swapping out some of your existing faucets and fixtures for new ones, and leaving the bulk of the room in place. Things like faucets, toilets, pedestal sinks, and bathroom hardware can all date a bathroom even more than that two-toned tile from the 50s.

By picking a new modern design and finish for your faucet, and putting in new accessories to match throughout the room, you can give the entire space a quick mini-makeover. And by choosing a new toilet and faucet with water-saving technology, you can also start saving thousands of gallons of water a year at the same time.

Paint and Color

Give your bathroom a fresh new look with some paint. Obviously painting the walls is a quick and easy job to do, but have you considered painting the tile? 

If you have a really outdated or ugly tile in your bathroom, consider painting it to brighten up the whole space. The trick here is to paint each tile individually, then go between the tiles with special grout paint. A lot of people try to paint tile by painting everything at once, but this usually has the opposite effect of what you’re looking for, because the entire area looks flat, rather than finished.

Use an oil or urethane-based paint to do the job on very clean tiles. Use a grout paint to seal in and refresh your grout using an artist’s paintbrush, and finally seal your tiles with a urethane-based sealer so that they can withstand the water in the bathroom.

Pick One or Two Accents or Luxuries

There are a lot of little things you can do in the bathroom to help give it a new look, but to really make the job complete, you need to add one or two items that really make you happy with the space. This could mean prying off the old 4-inch backsplash on the vanity and replacing it with a glass and stone mosaic, or it could mean installing a towel warmer in place of your old towel rail to give you the luxury of heated towels after every shower.

By choosing an item that makes you happy, like the mosaic, and that helps the bathroom function better, like the towel warmer, you help ensure that you’ll be pleased with the results, and able to continue living with the bathroom until you finally decide to do the big renovation.

Give Your Bathroom a Mini-Makeover

If you makeover your bathroom slowly, watching for just the right additions and deals, you’ll be amazed at what you can do at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. Update your old and out of date bathroom today using these tips and enjoy the tomorrow. 

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