Design and Function in the Bathroom

While bathroom trends, the size of the bathroom, and the reasons people have behind their renovations differ by age and region, there are two things that remain fairly constant no matter what type of bathroom you have: the need for style and the need for function. Having a bathroom that is both stylish and easy to clean ranks highest amongst approximately 70 to 80% of homeowners surveyed as reported by Houzz. 

Combining Style and Function

No matter what type of bathroom you’re designing, it makes sense to choose fixtures and materials for the room that combine those important traits of style and function. This means looking for finishes and materials that are easy to clean and maintain, that perform in a variety of ways, and that are highly stylish at the same time.

This may mean looking for tiles made of either porcelain or ceramic – both of which are growing in popularity for their looks and their ability to be cleaned with any material – and avoiding things like limestone, which requires sealers and special cleaners. It may also mean choosing fixtures such as those made by Toto, which have a SaniGloss™ finish that is easy to clean, along with hidden traps, and features such as heated seats.

By looking for materials that can satisfy both of these needs, you can create a bathroom that caters perfectly to your lifestyle.

Other Things to Consider

When designing a bathroom, style and the ability to keep it clean rank highest amongst most homeowners, but there are other traits that can also help to boost your satisfaction with the finished room. 


Having additional storage built into the design of the room also ranks high on people’s lists. Consider looking into vanities and medicine cabinets that have additional compartments or features such as outlets and laundry baskets to make the bathroom more useable.


Many people also add at least one luxurious touch to their bathrooms.  For many it’s the functional luxury that wins out. Towel warmers, radiant heat panels or floors, and rain showerheads top many people’s wish lists.


If you’re remodeling a powder room, versus a full or master bath, one of the most popular features after style and function in this space becomes the visual statement it makes. If you’ve been considering something like a vessel sink or a chandelier, this is the place to install it.

Combine Function in Your Bath

Remember to meld form and function in your bathroom to get the best in style and ease of use. When you pay attention to both details in equal measures, you can help ensure that your bathroom meets all your needs. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.