Current Trends in Bathroom Design –

Current Trends in Bathroom Design


Bathroom designs have changed a lot over the last 50 years. While once the bathroom was literally an afterthought in a home’s design, now the space has taken on a life all its own. Many people are beginning to think of the bathroom in terms of how they use the space – and what that space can do for them – from the function of the room to the overall feeling of the style or design. Today’s trends reflect this attitude even more, with a number of different looks and appliances designed to enhance every inch of your bath.

Color has been warming up across the house with an emphasis on warm colors and natural materials, and the bathroom is no different. This means leaving behind the bright whites and creamy neutrals of years past and looking toward a variety of warmer and more natural colors instead.

This includes using metal tones like copper and bronze on your faucets and accessories, and natural materials such as marble, slate, and wood for your tiles and vanity. Bold stone colors with lots of natural veins, along with brighter colors in general - most taken from nature.

For those that want a little more color than the natural tones, or who need a starting point, look to shades of blue – all shades of blue from sky blue to gray blue are all perfect for blending with warm metal tones and offsetting those warm colors.



Along with the focus on natural color, is the focus on natural materials. This includes stone throughout your bathroom, along with plenty of glass. Ceramic tiles still maintain their popularity, and in many contemporary bathrooms a mixture of oversized porcelain tiles with mosaics in other materials take center stage.

For shapes, rectangles of all sizes are popular for walls, floors, and fixtures alike. Look to elongated subway tiles, as well as rectangular mosaics for your walls, along with rectangular shaped basins in the vanity to get the maximum amount of space for your skin.

One of the biggest trends in bathrooms includes having at least one luxurious item. In some bathrooms this could be performance showers or a whirlpool tub – something that helps to make the bathroom feel as though you’re visiting a spa. 

For bathrooms that don’t have the space or the water pressure to sustain performance showers or tubs, towel warmers are the perfect thing to add to bring that luxury to the room. Towel warmers come in all shapes and sizes from hotel-style shelves that allow you to roll up and store towels for large families, to tall racks with a mixture of hooks and rails that let you hang and drape towels to get the maximum amount of warmth. And because towel warmers can be retrofit into any size or age of bathroom, this is one trend that’s easy to achieve.

Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams
Trends come and go, so the most important thing in any bathroom design is to ensure you’re happy with it. Incorporate those little touches that are going to mean you love using the space and create the bathroom of your dreams. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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