Fitting Towel Warmers into Your Bathroom Design


From things like deep soaking tubs to performance showers, today’s bathroom isn’t just about the basics of function; it’s about creating your own personal spa within the room. And one of the most luxurious accents you can fit into any bathroom, regardless of size or style is the towel warmer.

Having warm towels ready and waiting for you can elevate any bathroom design from the mundane to the truly exceptional. And with a variety of different options available, you’ll have no trouble fitting one into your bathroom, whether you’re starting from scratch or retrofitting an existing space. Just follow these tips to help make the design process a little easier.

Match Your Finish

Luxury is important, but so is the cohesive style of the room. That’s why finish is such a concern when adding any accessory to the bathroom. Whenever possible, match your towel warmer’s finish to the finish of your faucet and other bathroom accessories. If this isn’t possible – if you have a specialty or proprietary finish – consider choosing a warmer that coordinates with the other colors in the room, matching an accent color for example. Towel warmers not only come in standard metal finishes; they also come in a whole host of brilliant colors you can pick to make your bathroom come alive in style and function.

Consider the Lines and Shape

While it’s true that many towel warmers are fairly contemporary in style, this doesn’t mean you can’t fit one into other bathroom designs as well. Try to match the shape of the rails – round, curved, or square - to the shape of your faucet and accessories to get a cohesive look that makes your warmer part of the design.

Consider Your Needs

You want your towel warmer to provide you with warmed linens at any time of day, but you have other needs to consider as well. Space, whether you intend to fold or hang your towels, and whether you want them warmed all day or just when you need them all need to factor in to your ultimate decision. Be sure to look at your bathroom as a whole to find the perfect model to complement the space, then consider how you intend to store your towels to get the warmer that’s right for you.

Add a Touch of Luxury

Even the most everyday bathroom takes a step toward opulence and grandeur when you add a towel warmer. Make sure your warmer matches the rest of your bathroom design to get luxury and cohesive style at once. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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  • Michael Tidwell


346 reviews
Great experience

Warmer was as pictured. Great ordering and delivery service. Would purchase from them again!

Excellent product and service

I purchased one of these for a bathroom addition, in response to the positive reviews of both product and service on the website. I then decided to purchase a second warmer for an existing bathroom. On both occasions, Michael was very helpful in responding to questions and for the second device , he supplied extr brackets to fit our needs (covering over holes from prior towel bar).
I’m very satisfied with the product and the service provided and would not hesitate to use this firm again.

Terrific merchant, great products

My wife and I recently moved into the first house we had ever had designed and built. We sourced all of our bath accessories (towel bars, towel warmers, etc.) from Only Towel Warmers, and we have rarely had such a good experience with a web business. The product quality (Volcano and Artos) is top-notch and beautiful, and the help we got from Michael was fast and complete. We are very hap[py customers!

Beautiful and as expected!

Perfect Tub!

I was so happy to find exactly what I wanted with ONLYTOWELWARMERS! I asked a question and received an answer immediately from the owner. How often does that happen? Love the idea of family owned business. So glad to be part of their customer list!