Interview with Owen Kantor with Runtal Towel Warmers

Interview with Owen Kantor with Runtal


Recently, we spoke with Mr. Owen Kantor, with Runtal North America. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for

OTW:  What  is your role at Runtal?

  • Owen Kantor, Vice President of Marketing and Sales- Runtal North America, Inc.

OTW:  Share with us the history of Runtal. 

  • Founded over 60 years ago in Switzerland, Runtal invented the flat panel radiator and towel radiator and is considered the world leader in radiator technology. Employing over 3000 people, Runtal has factories in Switzerland, Germany, France and Poland. Twenty-seven years ago a major commitment was made to the US and Canadian markets with the opening of a state-of-the art factory in Haverhill, MA.

OTW: What should a customer consider when purchasing a towel warmer?

  • What features and benefits do you desire out of your purchase----- Unlike most "towel warmers" on the market, Runtal products will heat a room as well as warm towels.

    For years now, Europeans have found the key to unlocking a bathroom’s potential is the comfort provided by Runtal towel radiators. Often affectionately referred to as “towel warmers”, Runtal offers a lot more than other products in this category. Truly an appliance, Runtal towel radiators are both decorative room heaters as well as a towel warmers.

    As a heater, Runtal towel radiators radiate heat evenly, gently and quietly. Towel radiators are available in either self-contained electric models or hydronic models which integrate into a closed-loop forced hot water heating system. Model types and sizes allow for variations in heat outputs that enable a towel radiator to be used as a supplemental heater or as the sole source of heat for the entire room.

    As a towel warmer each Runtal product is designed to maximize towel warming capacity by affording a large heated surface area. There are few sensations in the world which match the feel of a toasty towel after a bath or shower. From a practical perspective, Runtal towel radiators help reduce mold and mildew and keep towels fresh between laundering.

OTW: What is Runtal's most popular towel warmer?

  • The Runtal Omnipanel is our flagship towel radiator and remains our most popular model today. Runtal offers a variety of models for individual design preferences. All our models have the same functions-- They are both room heaters and towel warmers

OTW:  If you were giving a towel warmer as a gift, which model would you give and why?

  • Runtal offers a variety of models in over 100 colors and finishes. In purchasing a Runtal Towel Radiator, please consider adding our Electric Programmable Controller. This allows one to integrate the Runtal Towel Radiator in to ones lifestyle by making on/off requirements automatic. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.


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