Beat the Cost of Central Heat

Beat the Cost of Central Heat


The chill of the fall and winter months is fast approaching—and possibly already here, depending on your area.  To beat the chill outside, you likely do the same thing as most of us and turn on the central heat.  However, cranking up the heat can become quite costly, and some rooms are harder to heat than others.  For example, the bathroom tends to be chillier than other rooms due to the reliance on tile.  This means that each time you need to take a bath or shower, you must decide if you want to turn the heat up even higher and raise your energy bills or leave it as is and shiver as you step out of the shower.

If you find yourself facing this decision each day throughout the colder months, there is another solution available to you—a towel warmer.  With a towel warmer, you can make bath time more tolerable without cranking up the heat in the entire house.  Instead of raising the temperature throughout the entire house—quite costly depending on your square footage—you simply warm your towels and robe to a cozy temperature, possibly heating your bathroom a bit in the process depending on the warmer.  While the warmer will use energy as well, the amount used is minimal when compared with that needed to run central heat.

 The purchase of a towel warmer provides greater benefits than just keeping down the cost of staying warm; it also provides you with incredible luxury.  Stepping out of the steaming, hot shower only to wrap yourself in a fluffy, warm towel is an experience usually relegated to expensive hotels and spas.  Brining such a treat into your home is quite special.

 Many towel warmers are also beautiful in their design.  Superior to simple towel bars, they are functional, luxurious, and pleasing to the eye.  If you are design minded, chances are you want something better than a simple bar; why not make it extra special with a towel warmer?  is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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