Why Add a Warming Drawer to Your Home

We are all guilty of it—we surf through the thousands of images on Houzz and Pinterest, feeling envious of all the cool and unique items showcased.  When we are finished surfing, we find ourselves wanting so many of the items showcased and feeling a bit down that we could never have them.  A vacuum system in the floorboard, heated tile floors in the bathroom, blinds built into the windows.

However, not every special home item is out of your reach.  One of these features you may have found yourself coveting when surfing your favorite home design website is a warming drawer.  These drawers are designed for bathroom and kitchen use so that you can heat towels and robes or to keep cooked food warm without continuing to cook it.  Chances are you felt it was beyond your price range when you saw it.  After all, something that luxurious must only be available to the wealthy.

Still, even if you can afford one, why should you commit and purchase one?  There are plenty of people living just find without one—yourself included.  Well, not everything in life is about necessity—sometimes it is just about making things better.  Here are four reasons you should add a warming drawer to your home.

Safely Warm Your Towels in the Bathroom

So the heated tile floors are out of your price range.  No problem!  With a warming drawer, your towel and robe will be toasty warm, ready to rescue you from the chill of the tile, giving you the perfect spa experience in your own home.  Imagine wrapping yourself in a towel so snuggly warm it is as if it just came out of the dryer—and doing that every time you finish your shower.  It hardly gets better than that.  And since the warming drawer is tucked out of the way, your safety concerns are minimized.  

No More Smelly Towels

We all know that smell—mildewy towels that sat too long in the cold air to dry or went into the hamper wet.  With a warming drawer, this becomes a thing of the past.  Damp towels can be tossed into the drawer to dry, completely avoiding that offensive odor you loathe.  

If you are ready to treat yourself a bit, add a warming drawer to your home.  It is a little piece of luxury that is well within your reach.

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