Four Benefits of Purchasing a Towel Warmer

Four Benefits of Purchasing a Towel Warmer


Perhaps you have just purchased your own home and are trying to decide how to design your perfect bathroom.  Or maybe you are remodeling and want to make certain you get everything picture perfect this time around.  No matter your reason, you are looking for the perfect accent pieces for your bathroom.

In your search, you might have come across towel warmers.  You may have even dismissed them at first as being excessive and superfluous.  Who has towel warmers, besides the wealthy or someone who just wants to show off their money?  In reality, towel warmers can enhance any bathroom and are available at a wide variety of price points, making them accessible to all buyers.  

Even though you can afford one, you might be curious about why you would want to purchase one.  What, exactly, are the benefits to owning a towel warmer?  While there are many, there are four big benefits to adding a towel warmer to your bathroom design.

Warm Towels and Robes

The biggest, and most obvious, benefit to owning a towel warmer are warm towels and robes.  It makes every bath or shower a spa like experience.  Rather than stepping out of the steaming hot shower or warm and calming bath only to be shocked by the chill of the bathroom, you get to keep that warm and relaxed feeling as you dry off and prepare yourself for the day.  Dry yourself with a warm towel and then cocoon yourself in a soft, toasty robe or shock yourself with the chilled tile are you dry yourself off as quickly as you can?  It hardly seems like a choice.  

Dry Towels = No Mildew

Not only does a towel warmer heat your towels before your shower or bath, it also dries them afterward.  You will never need to smell mildewed towels again.  No more damp towels hanging on the wall or piled into the hamper, unleashing that awful smell.  The heating element will dry them in record time and ensure that your towels are always smelling fresh and ready to go.  No muss, no fuss.

No More Cold Tile

Many towel warmers come with the secondary benefit of warming the entire bathroom in addition to the towels.  Instead of keeping a heater in the bathroom, which serves only one function and gets in the way, your towel warmer can pull double (triple?) duty.  No more stepping off the rug and onto the chilly tile or mad dash from the bathroom to the bedroom.  Everything is at the perfect temperature—warm and welcoming—making the perfect sanctuary.  

Beautiful Designs

There are thousands of towel warmers on the market.  Many of them are stunningly beautiful and put the typical towel bar to shame.  If your design is stark and modern, you will be able to find a towel warmer with simple and clean lines.  If you prefer classic and flourished designs, there are intricate and arched designs to appeal to you.  Minimalist and sleek or curved and elegant, there is something for everyone. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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