Combine Art, Extravagance, and Function with a Modern Towel Warmer

When it comes to bathroom design, your options are quite often limited.  Creativity seems to be reserved for other areas of the home while the bathroom is forgotten.  You go to your average store and the bathroom décor isle will be filled with sail boats, seashells, dainty flowers, and rubber duckies.  

Ditch the typical bathroom clichés: no ducks, no boats, no seashells, no dainty flowers.  Look for something that hasn’t been done to death.  Just because water is a central feature of a bathroom doesn’t mean you need to tie your décor to the ocean.  And bathrooms do not need to be overly feminine.  

Bold colors, clean lines, and simple or abstract designs are a surefire way to bring your bathroom into the current century and avoid childish ambiance.  If you do want to incorporate items like flowers, go big and dark.  Avoid items without a purpose.  If you don’t use bars of soap, skip the soap dish.  If you use an electric toothbrush, skip the typical toothbrush holder.  Don’t throw in pointless figurines in an effort to add style.  Each item needs to have a dedicated purpose—multipurpose items are a big plus.  




An excellent multipurpose item to add to your bathroom is a towel warmer.  Depending on the brand and model you choose, a towel warmer will give you a place to hand your towels, keep them warm and dry, and heat the chill right off the bathroom tile.  While most homes do not have one, there are thousands of options available, including some that are works of art in and of themselves.  

A Modern Towel Warmer

Take, for example, the Artos Lionel towel warmer.  The asymmetrical balance of this unit is bold and visually interesting.  The layout of the lines is simple, almost minimalist, and calls to mind musical scales.  While it commands attention, it doesn’t steal it away from the primary elements.  It is beautifully modern and avoids all clichés.  

Another option is the Amba Elory.  On its own, it is solid and simple.  With the addition of bright and bold towels, it completely transforms into a modern masterpiece—like a Rothko painting hanging on your bathroom wall.  

No need to resort to ducks or other clichés when designing your ideal bathroom.  You can achieve an elegant and adult design.  With a modern towel warmer, you can add both beauty and luxury to your life. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.