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The Perfect Guest Bath


It seems it is always the last room you get to decorating—the guest bathroom.  We naturally focus first on the rooms we entertain in—the living room, family room, dining room and kitchen—and then move on to our own, personal spaces, building our private sanctuary.  By the time you get to your guest bedroom and bathroom, you may feel as though all your design inspiration has been used up.

Do not let design exhaustion deter you from making your guest bath the best it can be.  Remember, when your guests choose to stay with you, they are hoping to enjoy the comforts of home, but they also would like to experience a bit of the hotel luxury they are missing out on.  Do your best to make them feel welcomed and pampered.

When designing your guest bathroom, you want to strike a balance between what feels cozy and the luxury your guests would experience had they stayed in a hotel.  And there is always the goal to leave them feeling impressed by your sense of style and attention to detail.  One of the surest ways to impress is to add in an element of luxury not present in their own home.  Now most of us cannot afford to go as far as steam showers and heated tile in our guest baths.  However, one should not discount how far  smaller luxury items can go in terms of leaving your best impression.

The first step in your journey to bringing your guest bath to the next level is selecting the right linens.  You want them to be big, fluffy, and soft.  When it comes to color, go solid and do not discount the classic appeal of white.  Next, select simple yet elegant accessories for the vanity.  Finally, pick out one items that really takes the room above and beyond your guests expectations.  For this item, you want to pick something that feels like it belongs in the home of someone rich and famous.

My recommendation?  A towel warmer. 

Think about it—what could feel more luxurious or be more impressive than being able to step out of the steaming shower or warm bath and wrap yourself up in a toasty warm towel?  Such an item will make your guests feel as though they are being pampered in a five star hotel and will leave them quite impressed.  The best thing is that—unlike many other items you could choose—a towel warmer serves a necessary function; every bathroom needs a place to hang towels.  Plus, no matter the size or configuration of your guest bath, you can absolutely find a towel warmer that will fit.

While towel warmers feel like a high ticket item, they do not all come at a high price.  Browse online and you will find that there are many affordable options that do not sacrifice style or quality.  One line I recommend checking out is Amba—their towel warmers are Italian designed and manufactured with durable chrome.  Despite this, their towel warmers will not break your budget.

So, get browsing and put that finishing touch on your guest bath and give your next house guests the touch of a luxury they deserve. is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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