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Electric Towel Warmers



When purchasing a towel warmer you can either purchase a Electric or Hydronic towel warmer.  Most towel warmers that are sold in America are electric.    An electric towel warmer heats the bars with either a dry element or heat mineral oil.  Most Electric towel warmers made today consume the same amount of energy of a standard light bulb.  Electric units can be installed anywhere there is an electrical source, are much simpler to install, and can be used all year round.  These towel warmers will heat the towels, and some may create the spa-like radiant heat that you may desire.  Electric units may be plugged into an outlet or they can be hardwired.  Hardwired units have the advantage of concealing the wiring with the wall and do not need to be install near an outlet.   We recommend using a programmable timer in conjunction with  your electric towel warmer. 




   onlytowelwarmers.com is a family owned business that specializes in selling electric towel warmers.

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