Multiple Applications of a towel warmer

Multiple Applications of a towel warmer


   Ideally, towel warmers are best suited for indoor applications, but a bathroom is not the only room  to use them in.  Towel warmers can be used in almost any type of application because some models can double as space heaters.   Besides the bathroom, they can be used in mudrooms, saunas, spas, kitchens, basements, garages, workshops, on boats, or in any room that additional heat is needed.  In some cases, they may  act as the only source of heat in a room.  An example would be a finished basement where dropping the ceiling to add central heating/air is not feasibly or cost prohibitive. 
   They can also be used to dry women’s delicates that cannot be dried in a tumble dryer, to warm blankets, and to dry wet boots, shoes, or winter clothing by hanging them on robe hooks. 
   The majority of towel warmers are installed indoors away from exposure to outdoor elements.  The concern with outdoor applications is the exposure to the elements, especially heavy rain, snow, or ice.  If a substantial amount of water gets behind the faceplate and into the electrical wiring, it can cause a unit to fail.  If a unit is properly installed in a covered location, it could be protected and not face any problems, but there is always a risk.
  If the unit is wired in a covered pool area, it is recommended to use outdoor weather-proof wire connectors and seal the faceplate with silicone and/or the use of a single-gang box gasket.  If the installation is within close proximity to the beach, or salty water/air protecting the towel warmer from these conditions is highly recommended.

   Always consult with the manufacturer, as the use of a towel warmer outside might void the warranty and raise potential safety issues. is a family owned business that specializes in selling  electric towel warmers.

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