A review of the Amba Freestanding towel warmer

How many times have you stepped out of a nice warm shower to be greeted with an icy cold towel? If you want a cozy warm towel against your skin after a bath, a towel warmer is what you need. When you mention towel warmers, people often assume that they are for the wealthy.  That is simply  no longer the case.   One of our bestselling freestanding towel warmers is the Amba Solo towel warmer.  It can be purchased for around $200.  When it comes to warming a damp, cold towel, Amba manufactures a quality product that will get the job done.  Let us take a look at what exactly makes an Amba Solo towel warmer a good choice.
When shopping for a freestanding towel warmer, you will want to know what type of material it is made out of. Be aware of manufactures that will try to hide this information from the consumer.  All towel warmers are not made equally.  The Amba Solo is made from  high quality 304 stainless steel, the warmer is almost impossible to break. It incorporates breakthrough Italian heating elements which makes it a state of the art product. Weighing in at just 11 pounds, it is extremely lightweight and can be moved around without much difficulty. This unlimited portability means the device can be placed in any room around the house such as the bathroom, laundry room or even in the bedroom. Because of it's portability,  it is a perfect Christmas gift and anyone receiving this would be absolutely delighted.
The Amba Solo towel warmer is available in widths of 24 inches and 33 inches which gives customers a choice to choose what will work for them. The height of the freestanding towel warmer remains the same in both varieties, which is 38 inches.  There is a switch located at the top of the vertical bar along with a power indicator light.
The heating on this device is extremely quick and safe as it does not use any liquid to heat up. It is directly heated by electricity. There is a five foot power cord included for heating which means the device does not need to be close to the wall while heating. Being an electrical product, most people would think that it consumes a great deal but the truth is that for every use, the warmer consumes the same amount of power as a couple of light bulbs would. You can also purchase a programmable timer. There are anti slip pads included with the device that can be attached to the legs for better grip on the floor.
The freestanding towel warmer comes with 10 horizontal bars which are divided into two sets of five. This increases the surface area and gives the customer more space to warm more towels. All the bars on the device get heated (vertical and horizontal). The design is an Avant Garde one which means it is simple yet stylish. The amps on the device are 1.30 and the wattage is 150.  The device heats up to 149 degrees, which is a perfect temperature that is not overly hot. It also comes with a limited warranty period of 2 years.
Should you like additional information about the Amba Solo freestanding towel warmer or any other towel warmers, please do not hesitate to contact us.   


onlytowelwarmers.com is a family owned business that specializes in selling  electric towel warmers. 

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332 reviews
Perfect Tub!

I was so happy to find exactly what I wanted with ONLYTOWELWARMERS! I asked a question and received an answer immediately from the owner. How often does that happen? Love the idea of family owned business. So glad to be part of their customer list!

Reliable service, good product

Bought Amba towel warmer. it can be bought in many places, I chose this one as it had best pricing, selection and is a family business. Was initially worried about small dealer and their ability to accommodate for returns or issues, but went ahead anyway. The product was shipped on time and arrived within 3 days. Unfortunately it was damaged during shipping. Exchange proved to be very easy, the company was very responsive and accommodating. Emails answered within hours and replacement shipped right away. Would highly recommend buying from this shop.

Great Service

Product just as expected. Works great. Our second Kontour, we like it. Big thanks to onlytowelwarmers for getting the delivery address changed at the last minute for us.


I needed to replace an old towel warmer and found the selection of size and color excellent at Only Towel Warmers. On the website it said it had a 6-8 week lead time. I called and the customer service couldn't have been better. They were able to locate one and I had it the next week. Now that is great service. My Myson towel warmer has been installed and works perfectly. Thank you

OnlyTowelWarmers was superb

OnlyTowelWarmers was superb, great customer service and a great price. I highly recommend them.