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Valiryo is a fully automated body drying device that aims at revolutionizing the conventional way of drying. Easily installable directly inside the shower cabin, it replaces the towel with a skin-nourishing, antibacterial and exceptionally pleasant air stream generated by an economical electrical engine.

Next to a pronounced relaxation effect for body and mind, it thereby ensures a highly hygienic and safe drying process. Tedious and oftentimes dangerous movements in the wet area no longer necessary, as Valiryo’s patented “S”-shaped panel provides an efficient drying process from head to toe in approximately three minutes.

As a result, Valiryo is the ideal drying solution not only for people seeking wellness and relaxation at home but also for those suffering from limited mobility or any kind of skin disease.


  • Size: 85.43 in x 11.61 in
  • Depth:1.1 in (column up to 66.92 in)
  • Weight: 21.61 lbs (12.12 casing + 9.47 column)
  • Power: 2870 W
  • Engine Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Voltage: 240 V ~60 Hz
  • Intensity: 12 A
  • Consumption: 0,143 kWh (use at maximum temperature)
  • Material: ABS + PMMA anti-vandal
  • Drying Time: approximately 3 minutes
  • Air Speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)
  • Temperature of Use: 5 - 40 °C (41 - 104 °F)
  • Heat emitted: 32 °C (57.6 °F) above ambient temperature 
  • Recommended installation: inside the shower area
  • Index Water Protection: IP56
  • Sound: 69 dB (a modern dryer produces 85 dB)


    • Innovative: Developed in Europe by an engineering company
    • Relaxing & Vitalizing: Promotes muscular blood flow and skin hydration
    • Eco friendly: Saves lots of water and energy compared to the use of towels
    • Supportive: Makes drying safer and less challenging for people with reduced mobility
    • Motion Sensor: Valiryo features an optional motion sensor that activates the device upon approach. It switches off automatically after the drying time has elapsed.
    • Intuitive control panel: It can be chosen between sixteen different combinations of air temperature and intensity. The lower the intensity, the higher the maximum temperature.
    • 27 Air diffusers: With respect to the chosen combination of temperature and intensity, the air flow is homogeneous along the 27 diffusers – ensuring an efficient drying from head to toe.
    • FORGET ABOUT THE TOWEL and dry yourself from head to toe effectively and effortless through the air from its 27 diffusors adjustable in intensity and temperature.
    • HYGIENIC AND EFFORTLESS. Valiryo offers a more natural drying that avoids the friction of the towel on the skin protecting the body from germs and bacteria nestled inside.
    • A NEW RELAX EXPERIENCE for your home that promotes muscle relaxation and leaves your skin softer and more hydrated. Rest your body and mind!
    • INCREASED SAFETY. Especially for people with limited mobility, Valiryo greatly reduces the risk of slipping and falling over during the drying process on wet surfaces
    • EASY INSTALLATION. No significant alterations to the bathroom are necessary. There is no need for any regular maintenance, profound cleaning or replacement of components either

    User Manual
    Technical Sheet
    How to Install Valiryo Body Dryer

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