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Bio Bidet introduces their latest in bidet technology with the all-new Discovery DLX Smart Bidet Toilet, an all-in-one bidet and toilet combination unit. This smart toilet system offers a seamless design which includes the modern tankless toilet as well as the advanced electric bidet seat integrated for a perfect fit and a clean, modern aesthetic.

Bio Bidet has incorporated several automated features into the Discovery DLX.  The seat and lid can both be opened and closed automatically using the remote control.  The toilet will also automatically flush when you get off the seat, or you can use the flush button on the remote control.  Bio Bidet has also built in a "kick" button at the front of the toilet for further hands-free functionality.  This button near the base of the toilet can be tapped with your foot and, depending on how many times you tap it, will automatically raise the lid, raise the seat and flush the toilet.  This unique element adds another dimension of automation to this smart toilet for greater user-friendliness and a more hands-free experience.

The wash functions of the Bio Bidet Discovery DLX include separate posterior and feminine wash options as you would expect in a modern bidet with adjustable water pressure and water temperature as well as adjustable nozzle position.  Both wash functions offer oscillating wash where the nozzle moves back and forth during the cleaning cycle for better coverage with the wash stream.  The Discovery DLX is equipped with an updated on-demand water heating system designed to respond more quickly to temperature adjustments.  This advanced water heater allows for the "dynamic stream" wash option included in the unit.  This option initiates a wash stream that rapidly goes back and forth from warm water to cold water repeatedly and is designed to help alleviate constipation.

Another feature built into the new Bio Bidet Discovery DLX bidet is the UV sterilization.  After every wash cycle, the DLX uses ultraviolet light on the stainless steel nozzle when it retracts to kill any microorganisms and disinfect the wash nozzle.  Another upgrade is the air dryer.  Upgraded to be stronger than the air dryer on previous models, the Discovery DLX dryer offers adjustable air temperature settings plus adjustable fan speed designed to provide more effective drying.  With the updated air dryer, UV sterilization, hands-free seat and lid as well as the automated flush function, this is the most hands-free bidet ever from Bio Bidet.

Besides these updates, there are other features that add to the luxury and user-friendliness of the Discovery DLX smart toilet.  The adjustable temperature heated seat is a welcome feature, especially during the cooler months of the year.  The built-in night light illuminates inside the bowl area for more convenient nighttime use.  The wall-mounted wireless remote control has a two-sided design for ease of use and a clean look.  The power saving mode will automatically turn the unit off if not used for a 24 hour period, and it can be easily turned back on via the power button on the side of the bidet.  On top of all of the high-end features, Bio Bidet offers a full 5 year warranty included at no additional cost.  To sum it up, the Discovery DLX smart toilet from Bio Bidet is loaded with luxury features packed into a smart, sleek design and covered by the best standard warranty available in a modern bidet. 



  • Adjustable Seat Temperature
  • Automatic Open / Close
  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Priority Customer Support
  • 5 Years 100% Coverage
  • Trusted Design
  • Prop 65 Information for California Residents
  • Rear wash
  • Front wash
  • Oscillation
  • Dynamic Stream
  • Self-clean


  • UV Sterilization: Clean in comfort with the confidence that your bathroom and body are free from germs. The built-in UV sterilizer automatically cleanses the nozzle after each use.
  • Self Rising: Quiet and convenient, the self rising function of the Discovery DLX makes each trip to the bathroom a safe and luxurious experience.
  • Auto Flush: Simply stand up to activate an automatic hands-free flush. The kick control can also be used to lift the lid, seat, and flush the toilet.
  • Adjustable comfort:Take a seat in comfort with a newly designed heated seat with adjustable temperature controls all to your desired liking.
  • Kick control:Easily access your toilet with a kick! This innovative feature allows users lift the lid, seat, and flush the toilet in a convenient sequence.
  • User friendly:Combining powerful technology with modern design, the Discovery DLX offers our most luxurious cleaning experience to date.

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About Bio Bidets:

Bio Bidet By Bemis is well known for quality bathroom and kitchen products and exceptional service. With a strong pride in the Bio Bidet product line, they continue to raise the standard for kitchen & bath technology. Their vision is to revolutionize the bathroom experience while pushing forward with high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and eco-friendly practices.

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