FAQ - Tuzio Towel Warmers

What is the purpose of a Tuzio towel warmer?

A Tuzio towel warmer means warm fluffy towels that provide the ultimate in warmth and comfort for your bathroom. Dry and hygienic, your towels will always be clean and fresh.

What is the distance from a Tuzio towel warmer to the wall?

Approximately three inches, although this may vary between models. A towel warmer with a curved front will protrude further from the wall.

For a hardwired model does the timer have to be close to the towel warmer or can it go anywhere I choose?

The timer can go anywhere you choose. This controller that comes with the hardwired towel warmers is a timer, not a thermostat. Therefore, its location is not important. The controller requires a single gang electrical box and includes a decorative cover plate.

Do I need to use the controller?

Although not imperative to the operation of the towel warmer itself, the controller will mean that your towel warmer is on when you need it every day.

What certification does the TUZIO range of towel warmers have?

TUZIO towel warmers meet the highest certifications and carry CSA approval.

Are TUZIO Towel Warmers 110V or 220V and do they need to have a dedicated GFCI circuit?

All TUZIO Towel Warmers are 110V and draw between 1.4 and 4.1 amps. Your electrician should make a decision as to whether the towel warmer needs a dedicated GFCI electrical circuit based on electrical guidelines within your region.

Do the towel warmers have an internal thermostat or shut off or do they just keep getting hotter?

All TUZIO Towel Warmers have an internal thermostat which regulates the towel warmer temperature at a consistent level. Your towel warmer will not overheat.

How close to a shower or a tub can a towel warmer be installed?

48” is the general rule when installing electrical fixtures in the bathroom, although your electrician should make this decision based on the electrical guidelines within your area.

What makes TUZIO towel warmers so expensive and why are similar ones priced so differently?

TUZIO Towel Warmers use a fluid filled heating technology over against the standard dry-wire heating technology. This results in more heating capacity, durability and warranty and also means that if there should be any difficulties whatsoever with your TUZIO Towel Warmer, replacement heating parts can be installed at any time. Also, TUZIO towel warmer are manufactured from a heavier gauge metal resulting in a very robust towel warmer and bracket system.

How long do the towel warmers take to heat up completely and how long can they stay on?

TUZIO Towel Warmers will begin heating as soon as they are switched on and heat can be felt in 15 minutes. They will usually take between 30 – 60 minutes to reach maximum heat, depending on the air temperature within the room. There is no limit to how long a towel warmer can stay on, as they have a built-in thermostat.

How hot will my towel warmer get?

TUZIO towel warmers heat up to a temperature that is too hot to lay your hand on for a period of time, but not hot enough to burn when touched.

What will it cost to run my TUZIO Towel Warmer?

As a guide your towel warmer will draw about the same power as the lights in the same room when switched on. TUZIO Towel Warmers draw between 150W and 450W. To calculate this more accurately, complete the formula below:

Towel warmer element size_____watts (eg: 150watts – this is the maximum draw, not continuous draw)

Multiply by 50% to get continuous draw_____watts (eg: 75watts – this is the continuous draw from a 150w heating element)

Divide by 100 to get kilowatts_____kilowatts (eg: 0.075)

Multiply by cost of electricity (per hr) in your area$_____/hour (based on $0.10/kwhr, this towel warmer will cost $0.0075/hr to run – That’s about $1.39/month based on 6 heating hours/day)

Electricity costs vary from $0.07 to $0.15 by region. Check a recent bill from your power provider to complete this calculation.

What do I need to be aware of when considering a hydronic towel warmer installation?

There are three key points you (and your plumber) should be aware of when ordering and preparing to rough-in for a hydronic towel warmer:

It should be on a closed water system. (A closed water system does not feed your taps or household appliances – It is a dedicated circuit which supplies heating only and is usually a glycol-based solution inside)

The water temperature should be around 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water system should incorporate an anti-rust inhibitor (fernox or similar)

If you cannot accommodate these three points, we recommend installing the electric towel warmer version instead.

Why can the hydronic models be run only on a closed water system?

This is due to plumbing codes and material specifications within the towel warmer.

What width feed is required for the hydronic models and do I have to buy the hydronic installation pack?

Each TUZIO Towel Warmer uses ½” supply and return plumbing. A hydronic installation pack should always be used, as this means the supply and return pipes match the towel warmer finish. TUZIO Towel Warmer valves do however accept ½” copper pipe also.

Can I get extendable brackets for my towel warmer?

All TUZIO Towel Warmer brackets are extendable and adjustable by ¾”. These brackets can be adjusted by loosening the set screw found on the underside of the bracket.

Can all the towel warmers be wired on the left side?

Yes – Providing this is clearly stated when placing your order.

Can I use my towel warmer as the only heat source for my room?

This depends on the size of the room and the BTU rating for the towel warmer in question. It is suggested towel warmers are used only as a secondary source of heat in most rooms.

What is the difference between the regular and thermostatic valves?

Regular valves provide on / off adjustment whilst thermostatic valves include a thermostatic head which adjusts the rate of water flowing through the towel warmer. This in turn adjusts the temperature of the overall towel warmer.

What is the difference between the straight and angle valves?

Straight valves are used when your water supply is coming from the floor. In this case the 24” hydronic installation packs are also used. Angle valves are used when your water supply is coming from the wall. In this case the 8” hydronic installation packs are also used.

How long is the cord on the electric plug in models and what color is it?

Electric plug-in power cords are all 40 inches long and are white.

Do I need wall studs or blocking to fasten the TUZIO Towel Warmers to the wall or can I use hollow wall anchors?

It is important that wall studs or blocking is fastened in the wall at all bracket locations due to the weight of these towel warmers.

When I am ordering how do I know how many rails a given model will have?

Technical specifications for each towel warmer will show a line drawing that includes bar configuration.

What is the life expectancy of a heating element for my towel warmer?

There is no reason for a heating element within a Towel Warmer to fail, and we do not state a life expectancy for this part.

When ordering a hydronic towel warmer what components do I need?

You will need to order the towel warmer itself (code: H????), the valves (A1???) and the hydronic installation kit (A3???).

Why are BTU heat outputs listed the same for hydronic and electric models? Is the BTU output on an electric towel warmer not dictated by the heating element wattage?

The BTU outputs are the same for the hydronic and electric because both models are fluid filled and heated to the same temperature. Therefore, the heat output is the same. The heat output is determined not from the wattage of the towel warmer, but from a heat output calculation test where the towel warmer is placed in a room of a certain temperature and the increase in room temperature is recorded whilst the towel warmer is on. The heating element in Tuzio electric towel warmers have an integrated thermostat and operate to keep the internal fluid at the desired temperature. Therefore, this is not a measure to determine the overall heat output from the towel warmer.

What height from the floor should I mount my towel warmer at?

Although there is no right and wrong height to mount your towel warmer, our recommendation is as follows:

Towel Warmer Height         Distance from floor to top of towel warmer

24”                                           48”

36”                                           54”

48”                                           60”

72”                                           84”




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