Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a 220v Towel Warmer?

Please email us at  There are several brands such as Artos that we can get them as 220v.

Which Towel Warmer is best suited for wet locations?

One of the  best collection for wet areas is the Amba Jeeves collection which is IPX5 rated.  An IPX5 rating indicates that a small stream of water hitting the towel warmer will not cause any negative effects or risks to personal safety. Unfortunately, IPX5 rating is not recognized in the US, so you will want to discuss with your local codes department.    The Sterlingham towel warmer collection  is also 100% waterproof.  

Is there a difference between a liquid filled towel warmer and one that is heated by a wire cable?

They both have pros and cons to them. A liquid filled towel warmer  take longer to heat up, but if the heating element dies after the warranty, they can be easily replaced.  Towel Warmers with wire cables heat up very quickly regardless of the size of the unit (about 15min), but if something happens and it dies outside of the warranty, these cannot be replaced. You would need to replace the entire towel warmer.
Towel warmers that are liquid filled:
Amba Jeeves & Traditional
Artos (Except Artos Triondo)
Runtal (All models)
Myson (All models with the exception of the Gem Collection)                                                                                    

Can a towel warmer be installed on any surface?

Towel warmers can be installed on almost any type of surface without any issues. The towel warmer is there to dry the towel out, but it will also help dry out the air in the bathroom to help reduce humidity and thus moisture/mold/mildew.  More than 50% of towel warmers are installed onto drywall surfaces, as that is the most common wall surface used in the states. It could also be installed onto tile without problems, as well as beadboard. 

What are the different type of towel warmers?

Freestanding:  Towel warmers that are moveable and are not stationed to the wall.  Hardwired:  Wired directly into your home electric.  Most mounted towel warmers will either be hydronic or hardwired.  Hydronic:  Heated by circulating warm water.  Mounted:  A towel warmer that is permanently mounted to a wall.  Plug in:  Plugs directly into an outlet.    All Freestanding towel warmers will be plugged in. 

How should you place a towel on a towel warmer /rail?

The most efficient way to place a towel over a towel warmer is very simple.   Our advice is to fold your towel in half lengthwise, and then fold it in half.   If you are using a larger towel, you might consider repeating this step again.  By following this method, you have created at least four layers of towel lying on either side of the heated bar.   The layers there are the larger numbers of insulating layers which help the towel absorb and keep the heat in.  Also, the more layers, the more weight will be resting on the bars thus creating more contact surface area.   Our suggestion is to have the towel cover at least three to four horizontal bars.    You can also fold the towels on its length;  place them on the heated towel bar, then covering it with a large, unfolded towel or bathrobe. 

Is the bathroom the only room that a towel warmer can be used?

Towel warmers/rails can be used in other places other than the bathroom.  Some models act as space heaters as well. They are also used in mudrooms, saunas, spas, kitchens, or in any room that may need additional heat.   They are also used on yachts. 

Please explain the difference between an electric towel warmer/rail and a hydronic towel warmer?

An Electrical towel warmer derives it heat from either being plugged in or hardwired.   Electrical towel warmers are much simpler to install than a hydronic towel warmer.   The advantage of a hardwired towel warmer is the wires are hidden.   Neither do you have to worry about installing near an outlet.   An electric towel warmer will utilize about the same amount of energy as one or two lightbulbs, depending on the model.  If you purchase a plug-in towel warmer in a matter of moments you can be enjoying the luxury of a towel warmer.    

A Hydronic towel warmer uses hot water or steam to heat the towel rails.  Hydronic uses the same principles as a radiator.  

In America, most clients purchase an electric towel warmer.  If you want a Hydronic towel warmer, please contact us. 

What is the main purpose of a towel warmer?

A towel warmer or as our neighbors across the pond call it, a heated towel rail, drying rail, or heated towel rack is most often found in a bathroom but can also be used in the mudroom or laundry room.  Like a towel rack, it is a place where towels are hung to dry.  But the big advantage is a towel warmer is it uses electricity (electric)  or water (hydronic) to warm the towels.   What was once considered a luxury only for the wealthy, now can be enjoyed by most.  Stepping out of a shower and into a warm towel is considered by most to bring a delightful gratification.   A towel warmer can also be used to dry delicates instead of using a dryer; as well as, wet shoes by hanging them on a robe hook.   They can also help keep bathrooms cozy, dry, mold, mildew and humidity free.  It can also be used to dry a used towel thus reducing laundry load and water consumption.  Not only is this a benefit to you but it also a benefit to our environment.

Introduction to the towel warmer

We live in a modern world where people enjoy comforts that were only a dream a few decades ago.  In the past, only the very rich were able to live a comfortable lifestyle because most of the products that enrich our lives were too expensive for the average consumer.  Electric towel warmers (heated towel racks, heated towel rails) are one of those luxury items, but thanks to technology and the popularity of the product, manufactures are now able to make them at significantly lower prices.
If you want to experience the comfort and luxury of drying your body with a warm towel after a soothing bath or shower, you should strongly consider purchasing one of the towel warmers that we carry.  Our warmers offer a number of benefits and our prices are extremely competitive.

Mounted towel warmers are functional and decorative and can add warmth and a touch of class to your bathroom.  A towel warmers will not only enhance the appearance of your bathroom, they will also warm your heart every time you use one.  Economical to use and efficient, a towel warmer adds comfort while keeping your towels warm and dry.

The freestanding towel warmers that we offer, come with plenty of heat output and a conveniently located on/off switch to create a dramatic focal point for any wall in your bathroom.  Add a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom.  All the brands (Amba, Artos-Westover Kontour, Myson, Warmrails, WarmlyYours, Wesaunard) that we carry have are known for manufacturing quality towel warmers.   We offer a wide array of freestanding and mounted towel warmer styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. You can also choose from many different finishes such as steel, white, oil bronze or chrome.  

Towel warmers also help eliminate mildew because they are designed to dry excess moisture. Other benefits of electric towel warmers include allowing you to dry hand washable items such as delicates and handkerchiefs.  You also save money on electricity because your towels remain clean and fresh a lot longer.

Electric towel warmers are more convenient and easier to install than hydronic models and provide better function and design. Hydronic towel warmers are more difficult to install because they require access to hot water and they have very limited mobility.
Many towel warmers that are sold today, are electric.  Most of the models that we carry to consume very little less energy.

Before you decide to purchase a certain model towel warmer make sure to factor in the size of your bathroom and the number of towels you want to use as well as the number of people in your home.  The smallest size available is perfect for an apartment or for two people whereas our largest size is more suited for families. 

What is the best towel warmer?

If you google, "What is the best towel warmer," you will find a lot of misinformation written by people who are not familiar with towel warmers. You won't find a list of the top 5 towel warmers on our site. What you will find is that we are familiar with towel warmers and we want to help you choose the best towel warmer for your situation. 

We feel that it's crucial to purchase a towel warmer that is made by an established brand, that has stood the test of time. There is a lot of towel warmer brands out there. Be aware, not all towel warmer brands are equal. It is easy to create a brand and import towel warmers from overseas from an unknown manufacturer that might not be certified. Because of this, we are cautious of the towel warmer brands that we offer. Each brand that we carry is vetted and has been around for years.  Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you determine which towel warmer is perfect for your bathroom. 
We only offer the following towel warmer brands (beside each brand is the year founded):

Amba - 2004 Artos - 2005 Kontour - 2004 Mr. Steam - 1917 Runtal - 1950's Sterlingham - 1986 Tuzio - 2004 WarmlyYours Wesaunard - 1993

Does a towel warmer heat a bathroom?

There are many variables (insulation, does the room have windows, does it have a outside wall).  that will determine how effective a towel warmer will be at heating a room.  Runtal towel warmers are known for their ability to help heat a room.  Amba also has several models (Quadro, Sirio, Antus, Vega) that  will help heat a bathroom as well.   There are many BTU calculators that you can find online that will give you the suggested amount of BTU/Watts required to warm a room, but many of these assume that you are heating the room from 0 degrees. This is 99% of the time, not true. Although it may be the main source of heat for the bathroom, it will still get some residual heat from the rest of the house, so you must determine how many degrees you want to heat the room. 

How long does it take a towel warmer to heat up?

It depends.  A towel warmer that uses oil to distribute heat, will take 30 - 45 minutes to reach its full heat potential.  An example is Amba Jeeves. 
A towel warmer that uses a wiring filament to distribute the heat will take 5 - 15 minutes to reach its full heat potential.  An example is the Amba Sirio. 

Is it safe to leave heated towel warmer/rail on?

Yes, towel warmers are safe to leave on. Most towel warmers have an internal safety cutoff switch, in the rare case of it overheating.   If going out of town, we would recommend turning it off. 

I need a towel warmer that is wired on the left.

The wiring of the Amba Jeeves towel warmer collection and Tuzio towel warmers can be converted to the left-hand side.  On the product page, you will be given the option to change the wiring to the left-hand side. 
Amba Jeeves  Tuzio Towel Warmers



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