Wesaunard builder 7Z Electric Towel Warmer - 25"w x 36" h

Wesaunard builder 7Z Electric Towel Warmer - 25"w x 36" h



More often than ever before, homeowners are beginning to think of the bathroom as a place where they treat and pamper themselves each day. Small tastes of luxury are becoming the norm in today’s bathroom, from jetted showers to heated toilet seats and anything else that can be thought to provide you with a little extra treat each day. And what better way is there to pamper yourself than with a warm, fluffy towel waiting for you at the end of a hot shower or bath?

Towel warmers like the Builder series from Wesaunard are designed to evenly heat your towels at the touch of a button, leaving them ready for you right when you need them. And with simple designs and a range of innovative shapes and sizes, the Builder series towel warmers are designed to fit into any bathroom, whether it’s for your personal use, or something you’re welcoming your guests with in the spare bathroom.

So go ahead and wrap yourself in luxury every day with a towel warmer from Wesaunard. 

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  • 120 Volts.
  • 100 Watts. 
  • Wall mounted
  • Handcrafted in Birmingham, U.K. 
  • Can be purchased as Hydronic
  • Please contact for custom finishes

Height: 36 inches
Projection: 5 inches
Width: 25 inches

Wesaunard warrants its products for 5 years against
the following:
1. Any defect in plating or painted finish.
2. Heating elements in electric units 120 volt.
3. All brazed connections-against leaks.



All finishes on Wesaunard towel warmers are maintained in the same manner. Never use cleaning agents they will likely damage your units finish. To clean the surface of body oil or finger prints etc, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth or wet soapy cloth if necessary. This process will return the unit to its peak condition. Buff with soft dry duster to restore lustrous finish.


The electric towel warmer will generally take about thirty minutes to reach its operating temperature. The surface of the towel warmer will normally be too hot to hold on to but not hot enough to damage fabric of any kind. The temperature varies depending on whether or not covered by towels.


Please note that on direct heating systems, in certain agressive water conditions or where a water softener is installed, dezincification of the brass may occur.

Dezincification resistant material (special 70/30 arsenical brass) is available for these systems at an extra charge.


In electric usage the output is limited by the wattage of the element which is sized according to the type of rail and may be approximately 75, 100, 150, 250, 300, 400 or 500 watts.

Most elements supplied encapsulate an operating thermostat at 70 degrees Celsius or 5%. An additional thermal fuse cuts the element out in the unlikely event that the temperature rises to 90 degrees Celsius.

In all cases the emission capability of each rail is greater than the maximum output of the element.

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