Warmrails Wall Mount Brackets Set

Warmrails Wall Mount Brackets Set


Replacement wall mount brackets for the Warmrails towel warmer. A set includes the amount of brackets that originally came with your Warmrails towel warmer. 

The brackets are made out of hard plastic. 

When placing your order, please mention in the comment section which Warmrails towel warmer that you need brackets for. 

Customer Reviews

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Almost right . . .

Our unit is several years old and I was unable to provide the model number. I did provide a picture (twice) and received brackets that ALMOST fit. Unfortunately, there were only 3 brackets included (our unit has 4) so we weren't able to replace them all. Also, $50 seems rather expensive for 3 plastic brackets. I suppose there's a corner on the market, since I couldn't find them anywhere else. SO, therefore I'm marginally satisfied -- the fix will do for a little while. Eventually the whole thing will need to be replaced.

Jennene, I am sorry that it did not include four brackets. It appears that you might of had an older Warmrails model that is no longer made. We have issued a refund of $25. Sincerley, Michael

Great prompt, efficient service. Needed to replace the brackets holding the bar to the wall. Great help, and they arrived within a reasonable time.

Exceptional Customer service

Actual contact person that communicates with you. I bought warmers 11 years ago and was thrilled to find wall mount brackets still available even though on back order. One broke on reinstalling after painting. Wall mounts arrived as promised and were a perfect match. I will buy again and recommend this company. One family member has already made a purchase.

Fit Perfectly

Just put the new wall brackets on you sent, fit perfectly. We bought our towel warmer back in 2005 and it’s been great except the wear and tear on the brackets of towels being pulled off every day. Your replacements fit perfectly! When this warmer stops working we will be sure to buy from you the replacement!


They got my order exactly right just by a picture.

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