Artos Triondo Freestanding or Wall Mount Towel Warmer - 24"w x 35.8"h

Artos Triondo Freestanding or Wall Mount Towel Warmer - 24"w x 35.8"h

$348.95 $465.00

Whether your bathroom is brand new, or a retro-creation you’ve grown to love, this is your personal space. It’s the area where you get ready for your day, and the place where you go to unwind at the end of it all. So no matter what type of bathroom you have, it makes sense that you’ll want it to include a few touches of luxury in the design. Something like warm, fluffy towels waiting for you at any time of day.

That’s what makes the Triondo towel warmer by Artos so attractive. Right out of the box, this versatile towel warmer comes with options to make it freestanding or wall mounted. You can also plug it in or hardwire it to your electric panel. So whether you’re building new or retrofitting, you’re covered with the Artos Triondo. And at 24-inches wide and nearly 36-inches tall, with eight rails and a clean, Italian design, this warmer is sure to satisfy all your family’s towel needs, and your bathroom’s aesthetics. If you’ve been wanting to pamper yourself with the luxury of warm towels in your bathroom, the Artos Triondo makes it easy no matter what type of bathroom you have.


  • Width : 24"
  • Height: 44"
  • Voltage: 110 v
  • Rails: 8
  • 3 options in one box:  Free Standing, Wall Mounted, Plug-in or Wall Mounted Hardwired

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The success of our Italian Designer Collections has influenced our mission and set our goals to provide the finest fixtures and still retain affordability. ARTOS® is about your well being and comfort. Already enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers across America, we are constantly striving to increase personal quality time in the Master Suite and beyond. Eye-catching designs, luxurious performance, coordinating accessories…. these are just some of the reasons why our discerning clientele reach out after ARTOS®


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319 reviews
OnlyTowelWarmers was superb

OnlyTowelWarmers was superb, great customer service and a great price. I highly recommend them.

Great product at a fantastic price

This is our 2nd Mr Steam towel warmer for our new home. Ordering was very easy and the telephone support for the sale was exceptional. The warmer and the towel hook were both shipped directly from the manufacturer the following business day and they arrived in perfect condition 2 days later. Plus the price was the best I found online and since shipping was included, the price, the service, and the support made this an unbeatable deal.

Bottom line- I looked around before deciding on buying here, but I'm glad I found and give them a A+ recommendation


The Runtal Radia RTREG-2924 Plug In towel warmer was exactly as advertised, sizes were exact on the mounting holes and it shipped more quickly than advertised. I would recommend and plan on shopping here again.

Highly recommended

We bought an AMBA Jeeves Model D towel warmer from onlytowelwarmers. The towel warmer is beautiful and very functional.
When we purchased the item, we were told that the towel warmer was out of stock and would be available in about a month and half.
the towel warmer was delivered as promised, in addition to the best price out of 3-4 providers we contacted.

We recommend both the specific AMBA towel warmer and, a good business to deal with!

Personal Service

When I placed my order, I forgot to fill in the color on one of the towel warmers. When I realized my mistake, and before I could do anything about it, I was contacted by the head of the company to clarify the color on the second unit. I don't expect that kind of personal attention and service from an online company of any size. The units arrived on time and in good condition, and they sent me an email informing me that the units had been delivered. That, too, is helpful, as sometimes I forget that I've ordered something, so I'm not aware that it should have arrived and didn't. Their prices were also the best I could find, so I was very pleased.